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Your usual help/ guidance needed ladies in decorating a cake... Simple one to you I think

Hi there ladies... Long time and I hope you're all doing great.
I'm planning to make a birthday cake for a little girl who loves Dora and I thought the best simple idea was to put Dora's face in the middle of the cake. I'm planning to cut out the coloured patterns of Dora's face, hair, eyes, mouth... stick them on top of each other then place the whole face in the middle of the cake.. Perhaps stick some hearts or flowers around the cake.
My question is: Should I cut out the face (stick all details on it) and let it dry before I place it on top of the cake, or would it be too dry to cut when served? I personally would rather have the face made a couple of days earlier so that I simply place it when I'm totally done with the cake.
Give me your thoughts please as I may be also doing a spiderman cake with his face again on top of the cake.

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Hi Mai, I would make the face first then place it on cake when the time comes. It can always be taken off when cake is cut. Good luck.

Thanks Leanne... I too feel more comfortable with that.

leanne croucher said:

Hi Mai, I would make the face first then place it on cake when the time comes. It can always be taken off when cake is cut. Good luck.

Mai, I understand you wanting to get the face done first.  I'm the same as I like to know that it looks OK and have time to correct it if not.

You don't say whether you plan to make the face from fondant or gumpaste.  I would suggest fondant would be better.  Then you can assemble it on nonstick parchment paper and cover it with cling film.  That way it will dry a little, but not completely, so you can slide it off the parchment onto the cake.  Also fondant underneath it on the cake will soften it again slightly.  So it won't be too hard to cut or eat.

You're great Katy... That's exactly what I wanted to hear :)

I did post in a comment (which apparently didn't post correctly :) ) that I'll be cutting the patterns off fondant.. In fact, gumpaste is not an option here in Egypt! :)

And yeah... that's what I thought exactly... To have time to play around with the face at ease and that sticking it on the fresh fondant of the cake will soften it a bit... cling film and parchment paper is a very valuable addition... Thank you so much... will certainly do that.

Yes Mai
I would definitely make it ahead. I don't like "cake" surprises. If my fondant picture didn't turn out, I would be very stressed. Making ahead gives you breathing room and time to try different ways of creating. Katy's advice is bang on. :o)

Welcome Mai - glad to be of help and also thinking the same as you!

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