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Would anyone like to share any tips for writing nice? I cannot write smoothly or straight on a cake so I'm wondering if there is a neat trick to it. I did find a nifty trick the other day, I printed off my words on the computer, then traced the words to indent the place I wanted to write but I still had trouble writing smoothly and I think my icing was a little too stiff as it would break at times during writing. I used #4 tip  I think. I didn't have any piping gel to add. Just wondering how I can improve this. You all have such great advice for me all the time!

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Wendy, I discovered that I was trying to use icing with a "too stiff" consistency, as well.  It needs to be softer than for making flowers.  I can't help you with pretty writing, though, because I do not have pretty handwriting, even on paper with a pencil.  Sorry I could not be more helpful.

Wendy, I can't help much either but I use tip #3 for my writing & sometimes #2 if I want it not to be heavy looking. The icing should be slightly thin and flow smoothly from tip.

thank you both! I know the thickness of your writing determines the size tip you need to use, didn't really think about that when I wrote my question. Sounds like its pretty much an art you need to keep practicing to get better at and with getting the right consistency. Sometimes I use a ruler and make little marks to keep my writing straight but usually can't do this or you will see the marks. I have some of the imprint letters/words too but sometimes they are not the right size so I like the last method I used with printing it on paper and tracing over it on the cake to leave an impression. If I can, I like to use fondant letters. I will keep working on this! I was hoping there was an easier way, lol

My writing is rubbish too Wendy!  I really think it is a matter of practice.  But yes, you do need to have your icing free flowing, so you don't have to squeeze too hard.  There's a video from the Woodland Bakery that might help you a bit -

awesome video, you guys find the best stuff! Thanks! And now I can't wait to try a transfer too!

lol welcome Wendy

I have found that my writing has improved by adding a bit of corn syrup to my icing I will use for writing and of course the proper pressure when squeezing the bag.

I've been practising a bit too Wendy and it seems to be really important to hold your tip and right angles to your surface, so that the icing kind of falls down onto your cake.  Don't hold the tip too near either.  If you're writing on the side of a cake, take it from me, a tilting turntable is an absolute boon!

your right Katy, and the tilting turntable is a good idea!

I have found that if I use my computer and print out exactly what I want it to look like than it's easier for me to just copy it.  If the font is kind of cool than it will hide my shaky hand better.

that's a really good idea Suzy!  Also you can practice it first by piping over the writing that you've printed out.

I do all my writing on the computer and print it on an icing sheet. There's no end to the styles and font and it always look beautiful. I haven't written by hand since I got my first printer

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