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Would you give up baking because of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

I was diagnosed with CTS last week and now I wonder how can I keep do what I love and not to lose hand I need, not to go through surgery, etc.

How to bake and not to make more damage than I already did.

What would you do?

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Hi, I don't have carpel Tunnel in my hands but I do have RA and I have a tough time piping. I am not a professional, but I do make cakes and cookies. When I found out I had RA,I did more than ever and will not give up. Don't you give up either. If it can be fixed get it fixed and move on. I can not get mine fixed because there is not a cure. Be strong and Bless you. Ann
I am an amateur cake artist and have a 12 year old granddaughter who is trying to learn.  I was diagnoses with Rheumatoid Arthritis in both hands and it severely affects both thumbs.  It helps me to wear the disposable latex gloves when piping and also put a glove over the piping bag.  This gives me enough grip that I don't have to squeeze very hard and it doesn't slip around.  I love cake decorating too much to give it up so when my hands hurt, I stop to rest then start again later.  It may take me longer than most people, but I'll get it done!

Thank you everybody for your responses and wishes. :)

I went to a specialist today just to have confirm that I do have CTS - moderate to severe condition. He said that sooner or later hand pain will bother me so much that surgery will be necessary. Surgeries, needles, etc. are freaking me out.  So I am going to try everything else before that. I bought me wrist brace and I really like it, especially when I sleep. It helps me not to get my wrist in weird positions.

Despite all side effects and my condition, I am not giving up baking.  I love it too much to let it go. :)

I also had CTS, but it was before I really decided to go for this cake decorating thing, all the way. I had the surgery December 23, 2009. It was an awesome excuse, to lay low for christmas. My brother-in-law passed away, that same week & his funeral was the day after, on the 24th. I used my cub necker as a sling. When people asked me what I did to it, I told them CTS & LOT'S of people showed me their scars. The rest of the story is that I am so glad that I had it done. It doesn't bother me now, at all. It was done with local freezing & I did not feel any pain but a little pressure & that didn't hurt.


I was planning on putting off the surgery indefinitely. What changed my mind, was that I talked to a couple of people, who had gone that route & their hand/hands are constantly numb now. THE PRESSURE DAMAGES YOUR NERVE, PAST THE POINT OF NO RETURN. You will then get to live with that, for the rest of your life.  It was not a chance, that I was willing to take. Majka if you are in your late 20s, that could be a very long time numb.


I do wear braces on both wrists at night (just to make sure). My doctor is a reconstructive specialist, my scar is so teeny (1" long & he lined it up with my life line), so that it is not noticable. Unless I point it out to you, it would take you awhile to findit. It is not on the wrist, but rather on the heel of my hand. They were finding that there is too much movement in the wrist & it took longer to heal. The other cool thing is that I already had ambidextrous leanings before that. Now I'm further to the left hand, for lots of every day stuff. I haven't tried the decorating yet, but I don't see why not.


The surgery was paid for by Alberta Health Care, so it didn't cost me anything.

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