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(This is not the exact tool that I have but it is similar) I own the Wilton Quilting tool love the idea behind the tool. But hate how it actually works. The little wheels on either end do not spin (they drag and tear the fondant), and they fall off every time I use it, one of these days I will loose the little wheels down the drain when I use it. And I know I hate to use it but I will reach for it anyways as it may work this time (never does). Do any of you have the same problem? and if you do how do you solve it? Or is there a better tool out there?

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I have actually never used this although I own it. I have a old "dritz" wheel from my sewing days. You probably don't know what it is. It is also called a rotary cutter. Used to mark darts on your fabric.  The new ones are plastic, and smooth. Mine is verigated like yours in the picture, and it is metal, so it is strong.  See your Canadian, so you could try Fabricland if you have one, or a store that sells sewing supplies.   Walmart sells them, but not sure if you can find a metal one.  Good investement if you can find one.

I got mine from the local charity store for $2 bargain! The brand name on it is Clover.  Ebay is also a great place for finding those odd items that you cant get elsewhere.  I recently also purchased a pasta drying stand, great for drying those gumpaste flowers on!

I always seem to get the faulty tools.  That would be just my luck.  I have called the local fabric land and they say they have one so I will have to make a trip out there.  Thank -you so much for the help. 

Your welcome     :o)


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