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After my last class I was asked by the teacher if I wanted to become a wilton instructor. I would love to do that but am wondering of the advantages and disadvantages. Can anyone offer some insight?

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I was a Wilton Instructor for Michaels. The disadvantages for me were: Paying for your materials. Make cakes for the Course 1 classes and cupcakes. Do the demos on the weekends. It put me in a different tax bracket and I had to pay taxes. Drove half hour in traffic to get there.  I worked full time and Wilton was part time work. So, it depends. Do you have a full time job? If you do, get ready to pay taxes, hopefully not. The advantages: Getting to know the students and see how they grow as decorators. That was the rewarding factor for me. Good Luck.

If you decide to become one, you have to pay the $50.00 course materials. That's what I paid, but it might be different now. Its easy. They give you the demo dvd's so you know how to teach your class. Dont get me wrong, I enjoyed teaching, but it got to me after awhile, cause I traveled so far and my days were long. Give it a try.

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