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I would like to create a nice organized chart to upload on the site indicating all the pluses and minuses of different store-bought fondant brands.


Anyone care to chime in? I'm going to wait until we have lots and lots of feedback on this before I put it together.


Please include details like:



easy or difficult to work with

price per pound

does it dry out

and anything else you can think of


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I have been using Duff's. No complaints.Tastes good, easy to work with. Readily available at Michael's. Not a lot of color choices though. And it's expensive.

Certain colors for Duff work good but oh my goodness!  Some of their colors are heavy, gummy and fall apart. :-(  I like the taste but not the texture.
I use wilton, I never like the taste of fondant, the cakes look very nice the taste is horrible,I prefer to usse buttercream..
Satin Ice.  I think I've tried just about all of them out there, and Satin Ice never fails me.  My next choice with probably be Jennifer Dontz's white chocolate fondant, I love the taste, but I just can't seem to make it right.
I absolutely love Fondx Elite! It tastes wonderful, hints of white chocolate & raspberry. (I have to watch my stock when my grown sons help. They think it tastes like candy!) It is very soft and pliable and can be rolled to 1/8" easily with the new Mat System from Caljava. It smoothes beautifully and comes in a host of wonderful colors. I use it with fondant stabilizer to make my gum paste flowers. The purple orchid cake I posted is covered in Elite and the orchids are made from it as well.
The only store bought fondant I've ever worked with is Wilton. I was not a fan at all. The taste is terrible. It was fairly easy to work with but didn't hold up to adding color very well. To me taste is extremely important and thats what made me start using MMF. It tastes great as well as it's easy to work with and colors well. I would like to try some of the other store bought ones tho. If I could find one that tasted great as well as worked/looked great, I would most definitely use it because making MMF is a pain. lol!

Satin Ice fan here!   I have used several brands and always stick with Satin Ice.  Have never had a bad experience with it!


I love Satin Ice, it tastes delicious, I can buy it locally and is less expensive than Wilton. But the great thing is the variety of colors it can be found, colors that are hard to achieve without making the fondant too sticky like hot pink and black.  I've also used Fondarific Buttercream I got it as a gift, and it has a very nice taste too, but it's way too soft for Florida weather.

I've tried Duff's brand and it worked well, but they only have buttercream white and chocolate at my local stores.  The taste was delicious, and it was easy to use, but if you need a real white you need to look elsewhere. 


I've also purchased a sample pack of the Fonderific. The variety of flavors was nice and there is a wide range of colors pre-tinted, but i think you would need to give too much thought if the colors you want to use would taste good together.


My main brand is Satin Ice, i like the flavor it rolls out great and you can get a good variety of colors.  Unfortunately the closest retailer I have been able to find is Candyland crafts in central NJ, which is a 45 minute drive.  When I go i usually buy a lot, as long as you wrap it tight and keep the tubs sealed it has a long shelf life.

Have you tried it since they released the new recipe? It tastes better, but could use some flavoring kneaded in.

Patricia Sweetland said:
I use wilton, I never like the taste of fondant, the cakes look very nice the taste is horrible,I prefer to usse buttercream..

Black or red Satin Ice.  Otherwise Michele Foster's recipe works like a charm and is easier on my pocketbook.  I live South of Houston so heat and humidity are my biggest enemies!  I tastes good and my friends and family love it.  I use alot of shortening when I work with it and it makes it less sticky and easier to work with.  If I can't get my colors dark enough, then I just airbrush it with no problems at all. 

Satin Ice for me!  Love the taste, bright colors and their gumpaste.  No issues with them at all.  I purchase mine on line and found it to be very reasonable and delivery is quick, approximately 3 business days.


I've tried Wilton ~ don't like it.  I only use it if I have the colored packets and mix it with gumpaste for flowers or little details.  


Duff's ~ don't care for it either.  For some reason, I have found it to be very inconsistent, especially from one color to the next.  

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