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I'm calling on my expert cake makers out there for some help since you all have such good advice for me always! My son and his fiance would like this cake for their wedding, I am not real experienced at this so any help is appreciated. Is this 2 3inch high cakes layered for each tier? Is the stems painted on or edible marker? And any good tutorials on making these stargazer lillies? Is that black fondant border? I tried finding this on the site but not finding it to get any info. on it. Any helpful tips would be much appreciated!

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I would say your black is painted on - edible marker wont give such a good look.

Stargazer lily tutorials -

border looks like black satin ribbon to me

Wendy, if I had to guess I would say the cake is composed of an 8" x 3", 6" x 3" and 4" x 3" cake dummies due to the size in relation to the lilies.  Yes, I would say the stems are painted onto the fondant.  I would use gel color with a brush, but certainly edible markers could be used.  As for the tutorials, I used the Wilton book that came with the basic flowers cutter set for these....  I will check for tutorials and advise.

Here is another tutorial, Wendy, which shows how to make the pistol and stamens.  Lilies are easy, you will enjoy making them.

I think there tiers are 10"x3"/8'x3'/4"x3'. The black around the cake board, as Katy stated is most likely ribbon. And as Katy also said, you could easily paint on the stems with edible marker. Stems easily traced on your cake. I would suggest waiting for a 40/50% coupon from Michael's/Hobby Lobby and purchase the flower making kit and book that contains the stargazer lily. Everything you need is in the kit. This is what I did. still haven't gotten around to making them tho.

thank you and I rarely pass by a Michaels or A.C. Moore without buying something with my coupon, haha, I will check out the lily kit for sure! Do you just use the food coloring paste for painting? Thank you for the awesome help! Can't wait to try making them!

Wendy, in case you are unable to find a lily cutter, here is a templet that you can use to cut out your petals.  I do a lot of my petals and leaves this way.  Just size it to your liking when you get ready to print it out.  As to color, I used a combination of gel color thinned with alcohol and petal dust.  You can also use edible markers for the spots.

wonderful thanks!

Lilly, this is a 3 tier cake. And each tier is probably around 4 inches total with icing in between.  As for the star gazers flowers have you thought about just purchasing fresh ones to use?   Or you could use silk flowers.  

Let us know how things are going.

thank you, I will let you know, the wedding isn't until October but I want to practice making lilies, if it doesn't work out well I may just buy some.

You'll be fine Wendy.  If you have that much time, trust me, you will get after a try or two.

I practiced this stargazer lily and learned that its probably better to use paper covered wire rather than just metal wire, the fondant falls off easily, also 2nd mistake, I had bought the wire on a roll, doesn't work as well when the wire isn't straight and you can't make rolled wire straight (at least I couldn't), I did later notice they used white wire, the only place I found white wire is to buy the pack with green and white wire and rolled tape (which I already had bought). So where do you all find this white wire? Internet? There isn't much white wire in those packs. I found this to be harder than it looked but I was in a hurry and I didn't have the right stuff or all the right colors but here is a pic of what I made haha. The picture doesn't look too bad but it definitely needs improving for a wedding cake or I will use real flowers. Now that I have white wire and paper covered wire, I will give it another try.

You can buy packages of white covered wire in the craft section in Wal Mart. Did you paint your petals? A tip. You could achieve a more realistic look using colour dust powders, or coloured painters chalk.

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