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I am hoping someone on this site can help me out.  A few weeks ago there was a video on here demonstrating a clear mat for rolling out fondant...I believe the price was $15.99.  I have searched this site and so far am having no luck.  I did write down the phone number but am afraid I've lost it.

Thank you all in advance.


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Hello Sharon

If you want the best price for The Mat, go to  They are the actual inventors of the Mat, and sell it in there retail store & online.  I did purchase it through the retailer they use on CWB, but would have saved $11  if I had gone to sweetwise. Paid a heavty delivery charge cause I am in Canada.  That being said,  it was awsome to work with.  Worth every penny.  Thought I died and gone to heaven the 1st time I used it.  Be a home based hobby baker, don't have a large pasta roller, or sheeter for the big cakes, so this worked amazingly well.

Hopes this helps.


I am looking at it too and it shows $18.99. Hope it is the right one. I am so glad I didn't buy that Ateco $45 mat yesterday.

Sharon said:
Thank you all...I finally found it.....:0)
I bought my sweetwise The mat a few weeks ago and I wish I would have had it when I started doing fondant work It is the best thing I have ever used  you will love it however they say you do not have to put anything on the mat but I did find that if I put a little Pam spray on it it seem to fall a little easier off the mat  but it could have been the consistency of my fondant and not the mat but you can work with it and see Hope you enjoy yours as much as I have enljoyed mine
Good Luck to you

Hi there! I live in the UK and have actually bought a mat for rolling fondant from sweetwise. You can buy them on line from there website: It's the best thing I have ever purchased and makes covering fondant cakes a breeze! Wish I could buy another but the postage was almost double the price of the mat! 

Hope you find it



I have THE MAT and prior to getting it, I was afraid of fondant.  I LOVE IT NOW!  Best invention ever!  


Just be careful with the vinyl that you can buy from walmart and fabric stores.  It's not food safe.

I used THE MAT today. WOOOOAAHHH, worth it!!!!!! Totally worth the money. If you are new to fondant and are trying to cut costs don't let this be the thing that you put on hold for later. It will save alot of frustration (boosting your confidence) and  also your time!
Please everyone... save your money. Go to your local Hobby Lobby (or any store that sells kitchen table vinyl) and purchase 1 yard of the nicest, thickest vinyl and cut it in half. You now have TWO sheets of "the mat". I have been rolling my fondant on my vinyl for years now. It will cost you under $5 to have the perfect fondant rolling surface. When I first saw the video for "the mat" I actually laughed to think of spending 4 times what it costs to purchase the very same material in the local fabric department. So save your money and go to Hobby Lobby... use a 40% off coupon and get it for a few bucks! BTW the vinyl from the fabric store IS food safe. It it is simply vinyl exactly like "the mat".

Thanks Sue Shephard ,,, we think were going to give this a  shot & see how well it works It be Better then sending $18 bucks on somehting that we could spend much less on ,,,,saves money so thank you

Yes, I can also by vinyl cheap here in Canada too, BUT........IS IT FOOD SAFE?????????

I have seen many videos in the past using the plastic/vinyl method, but non-food safe vinyl is FULL of nasty chemicals.  I have made cakes for clients that have  extreme sensitivities, and I wouldn't chance someone becoming ill because I used a product I wasn't sure off

When I purchased mine at Hobby Lobby, I checked the labeling on the paper liner that it came wrapped in.  It stated it was food safe, which is why I felt comfortable purchasing and using it.  I use it almost daily for my fondant here in my bakery.
Great information!   I'll have to get one now.

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