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I wanted to ask. I made some marshmallow fondant and the last two times I made it, it crumbled when I went to roll it out. I had it covered in saran wrap and then in ziplock bag and then in a storage container I had made the same recipe before and it did great! I have bought wiltons fondant but the flavor is not to tasty. Just curious of any good recipes or tips. Thanks!

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I got a recipe from a website called I made it and it was great. It has pics and it walks you through step by step. maybe that will help. I did use store made as well. I know what you mean about the not so tasty. Hope ithelps!
Chrystal, I can only pass on what happened to me when I got the cracked fondant. I purchased the large size bag of marshmellow and just assumed it was the 454g size bag....after I made the fondant and it did not seem right,, I checked the bag and it was only 400g....I got cracked fondant. And because I do mine in a counter top mixer I added all the confectioners sugar that the recipe called for, when I went to do some hand kneading it was a bit stiff (but being new to making my own fondant) I did not realize it should be a bit more pliable....I now weight out my marshmellows and get perfect results ever since. Your problem could be something else, but this is what happened to me when I started out.
I only use Michelle Foster's fondant recipe. One of the tricks to her recipe is not to mix in too much powdered sugar. I made a mistake the first time trying to get it to the right consistency but when it rests overnight it firms up quite a bit. If you get it too stiff you can just add more glycerin.
Your right Sherry, I have a few recipes for MMF and I ONLY use the one that calls for corn syrup.Good luck with it Chrystal.

Sherry Qualls said:

Add 2 tblspoons corn syrup to your MMF, this will help with moisture, pliability and elasticity. There is also MFF (Michelle Fosters Fondant) which is more like what melissa posted from This fondant is more like Wilton's in consistency but tastes a whole lot better.

Sharon, thanks for sharing...its always good to hear what has helped others.

Melissa, Wow, thanks for sharing, is a great site.

Happy Caking
i only made marshmallow fondant a couple times, home made an mine came so nice, I love it much better than reg. fondant.
Thanks so much for all your replies I gave Michelle Foster fondant a try this weekend and it was very good. I will also try the MMF with corn syrup. -Chrystal
The recipe I use is Mac'sMom BC MMF recipe. It has glycerin in it. I have tried a a few other's but this one has worked for me every time. I don't do many cakes so this works for me but I have purchased Satin Ice and Pettinice. I have been wanting to try Fondx and Sweet Inspirations. I hate coloring pre made fondant and usually end up with a mess which is why I like making MMF and add the color in when the MM are melted.
The only fondant I use is Satin Ice. I do not have the time to mess with making my own and Satin Ice works great for me. I never have any complaints about the taste and it comes in so many colors that are easy to mix into secondary colors.
Well i have to say...iam glad to see these helpful hints here on homemade fondant. I made my first batch on the week-end and im not sure i would again lol...Oh my it seemed nice when i made it...But when i went to use it was falling apart and cracking so i added a lil crisco and that helped a little bit ..but then the pieces went rock hard lol and broke ...oh my goodness... I made the MMF...So thanks for the hints on here! May give me the gutts to try again .
That is why I buy mine exactly. If I am in the middle of a wedding cake that is the last thing I want to happen.... I love the way Satin Ice goes on and looks sooo nice. I used the black Satin Ice for the all black wedding cake I made and was a bit worried but it went on very nicely but I did wear gloves!

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