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I'm wondering what the most proper way to transport and deliver a stacked cake. (2 or more tiers). Cake Boss transports them in his delivery truck. Does anyone cover threm or do you just stick it on the floor or in the back of the SUV? A friend of mine was shocked that a cake I delivered was not in a box or storage. I told them that I didn't know of any other way. What do you all do?

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I buy cake boxes from Global Sugar Arts, Country Kitchen Sweetarts, the Ultimate Baker etc... depending on where I am placing an order and if I need them. If I have to travel more than about 5 minutes with a cake I don't like to tier it before transport if it is a 3 or more tier cake. I buy boxes in various sizes and use a box about 2 " bigger than the cake that I am putting in it. I put a piece of rubber shelf liner in the bottom of the box and put the cake on it that way when I need to pick it up to put it on the cake at the venue I can use the liner as a lifter. And the liner keeps the cake from sliding around.... then I put a layer of shelf liner in the trunk of my car and put the boxes on the shelf liner and they do not move around in my trunk either. I have traveled as far as 5 hours with a cake in the heat of the summer across 2 mountain passes and this always works for me. One cake I had to deliver was around 20 miles on a bumpy dirt road to a ranch out in the middle of nowhere and I cut up an old egg crate mattress and put it in my trunk then put the shelf liner on top of it.

Cute box Sherry! It looks like foam core board maybe taped together with clear tape. I can see this decorated with cake plates, cupcakes and cakes. Could be reused. Nice idea!

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