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My nearest Michael's is an hour away so I don't go that often, but I made the trip today to find a TON of new stuff from Wilton there.  Sugar sheets and cutters, a new "deluxe" gumpaste tool set (I like the bigger cutting wheel in there, but can't justify the $29 price tag just for that), some new silicone molds (I did buy the "fabric" set because it has cute little button molds in there!), and lots of new tools.  Just wondering what everyone has tried?  I may try the molds this week as I should have some extra fondant around and it could be fun to play with.

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Thanks for the information,  Eileen,  I'm going to head to my nearest Michael's today.


I saw all this stuff too, only most of it was already gone!! I think the large cutting wheel could also be used for cutting paper to cover boards with. I am going to check and see. Just fyi, you can use your Iphone for the coupon at Michaels. No more printing!!

I also saw this stuff at Jo-Ann's! I bought the fabric and the bird mold set.  They are super cute and you can use coupons!!!


Thanks for the info, Eileen!  I went there on Saturday and noticed them moving things around so I got there as they were re-organizing.
Hauled myself to Michael's this afternoon and all they had was an empty wall of pegs...they hadn't gotten any of the new stuff out yet.  :(  But, I had a 60% off coupon from JoAnn's so I drove across town to Jo Ann's...they had some of the new things out.  I like the silicone molds too.  Have to wait for a new coupon, I used my 60% off to purchase a new cake stand.
Yes even mine has new stuff!! I got so excited when I saw all the new and cool products!!
Have not been to Michael's in a few weeks so will have to check it out next time I go.  I have soooo much stuff already I just hate to spend more $$$$ for more toys.  I could probably sell a lot of what I have.... but when I get rid of something that is when I need it!!!

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