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Thought of sharing with you my modest achievement. Please have a look at my blog

Let me know your thoughts.



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Very cute cake!  What did you finally use to stabilize the tunnel?


Awesomeeee cake!!  Did you put a pipe through the cake to hold it up and then take the cake out??
This cake is AMAZING!!!  I LOVE IT!!!

Dawnetta Pompeo said:

Very cute cake!  What did you finally use to stabilize the tunnel? 


Thanks . I used a PVC pipe tube. Bought it from a nearby store and cleaned it thoroughly.




We covered the cake with fondant first; then used a cutter to bore the hole out; then quickly put in the hardened tunnel which we had made earlier. The fondant  used had been mixed with CMC. But then it did not hardened as hard as it supposed to. So at the last minute , we had no choice but to put in the PVC pipe tubing. Im going to try again with just the fondant again.

Did you put the pipe into the cake first, and then remove the cake?

Or did you make a hole first by taking the cake out and then stick the pipe in??
nmind you answered it :)

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