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Hi there! Happy Monday! I need some help here, I was rolling out some fondant and it kept tearing and when i would lift, it was just not holding up it's shape, what can i do or add to it so that it keeps its shape and easier to work with?

Thank you !!

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Well im just learnign and i asked a friend who works in a bakery and she told me by using confectioners sugar sprinkle sum on the rollling mat that should help hope it works out for ya...
What kind of fondant are you working with?
I bought Duff's white buttercream. It tastes really good, at least i like it, but oh lord, to work it was a nightmare.
I keep hearing bad stuff about the "duff" products...interesting. LOVE the show though! :D

Shari said:
I bought Duff's white buttercream. It tastes really good, at least i like it, but oh lord, to work it was a nightmare.
I have heard the same I guess no Duff Fondant for me :)
It seems like it's only the white one cause I've used the other colors and they worked great, and i'll be very honest with you, they taste awesome. That white buttercream fondant is off the chain!!
Shari stop I want sum lol I'm going to try it out with this babyshower cake I'm doing I hope it works
Shay, I kid you not it smells and taste like buttercream, go cut your Michael's 40% off coupon and use it! LOL
You know I am ! I'm trying that I was going to try it with my sons cake but that was my first time working with fondant so I didn't want to risk it !
I'm here if you need any help. :0
You don't know how that is so much appreciate I sent the request and I will be asking questions lol I love this site I can't wait to get home and view it more it sucks using it from blackberry ! But I hope the fondant works out for ya !
I just did a friend's wedding cake using Duff's fondant. I don't work with fondant much but I wanted to try it out. I liked the taste soooooooooooooo much better than the Wilton fondant but it did bubble up much more easily than the Wilton and it was much softer. Also the color is more ivory than white. I didn't have trouble with it tearing or not keeping its shape, but I needed to use quite a bit of icing sugar to avoid it sticking. Also I found that I needed to roll it quite thick - at least 1/8 inch. I tend to roll it thinner but the Duff fondant is so much more pliable that if you don't roll it thickly, it shows any icing imperfections on your buttercream (and I had many since I only use a thin layer of bc on the cakes I cover with fondant). However it did stick to the cake easily - I never even touched my piping gel which is what I normally use to "stick" the Wilton fondant onto a cake. I think just keep your icing sugar nearby and you should be golden!

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