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My daughter has decided she wants a Spongebob birthday cake. She has informed me she expects Spongebob(of course), Patrick ,Sandy, Mr. Krabs, Squidward & Gary. Good God! HELP!! I do have until the end of March thankfully! Any suggestions or tutorials are welcomed!


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Hi Kelly, spongbob cake or character, both are very easy to make. If u see the pic you can mould the character easily. See the cake & the character in the attached pics.
 My doughter wants one too, so I decided to make her a three tire cake paint it with sea colors then I'll make spongepop and friends shape cookies and put iceimage of each character on the cookies and attach them to the cake , I'll make spongepop bigger and put him on top .
If you don't have an iceimage printer go to a place where they print it for you , you can put the images right on the cake if you don't want to make the cookies .
For the cookies I print the image I want on regular printer and cut it and put it on a rolled cookie dough and cut around it then bake it , put the iceimage on thin rolled fondant , cut it , put on the cookie after brush it with corn syrup .
These are other pictures of different ideas .

Hi Kelly,


I have done one... take a look at my blog (one of the older posts) and if you like it ad would like some pointers on how to do it... email me at Its quite simple to do.



Thanks you guys! Nur I couldn't find that blog but I would love pointers!

Hee hee... sorry ... I forgot to provide the address...


Keegan Luvs Cake said:

Thanks you guys! Nur I couldn't find that blog but I would love pointers!

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