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Does anyone else think the Wilton servings chart yields a woe-fully small serving size? I don't know about you all but my cakes taste good and people want a big slice...  What sort of serving charts do people use?

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This is the one I normally use -

I agree that the charts do yield small slices.  You can always advise your clients to order more cake because you know their guest will want seconds.   

I had to chuckle when I read this! My secret is out. I want a REAL slice of cake, not those little bird portions, LOL! ;)
Word, I think most people do.  I came up running in store bakeries where we tell people an 8" two layer round cake feeds 8-10 people.  This Wilton guide is ridiculous, for one thing they should be interested in helping people sell bigger cakes, not smaller ones right.  So I created my own serving guide which I use in my store, basically just bumping up each Wilton suggestion to the next bigger cake, I don't know, but if you use the Wilton's guide and your customers aren't running short of cake then I would posit your cake isn't very good.

Earlene's cake chart has bigger portion sizes.


I agree with you on the serving sizes, but I do think they are basing it on wedding cakes where guests have already had appetizers, a huge meal and booze, so maybe they don't want such a big piece?  Just a thought.  I kind of gauge my own too. :)

Thanks for the link!!! Love it

Deah said:

This is the one I normally use -

I agree that the charts do yield small slices.  You can always advise your clients to order more cake because you know their guest will want seconds.   

I like Earlene's chart also. I couldnt see how the Wilton chart could get 24 slices out of an 8 inch round! I think Earlene's chart is a happy medium. :)


I think there needs to b e an industry standard.  It's just much easier for the customer to have a conversation form one decorator to the next.  If we all say a standard serving is 1*2*4 - then the customer can get quotes that makes sense-  comparing apples to apples.


Now if you want to explain to the customer that you serve double size portions and that's why your costs are higher, as long as they truly understand (which they usually don't- even after explanation) then i say go for it.


My feeling is that no matter how good your cake is, it's still cake - we only need so much cake and then it's just too much cake for one person to be eating regardless of how good it is.



My chart now has a separate, strictly-volume based calculation:

You can enter whatever size slice/serving you want!
I always look at my cake and wonder.... how is that cake going to get that many slices out of it???? I think it looks so small, but we always seem to have cake left over, some times more then other times. You know if it is not a professional person cutting the cake they are never going to cut it the way it should be right.  Well I have always gone with the Wilton chart, but I think I will start looking at the other ones too when trying to judge.
these calculators have been a wonderful addition to my "library".  Thanks all for sharing so much. I am not professional yet, but hoping very soon to start my home business.  this has been a great conversation to watch for me.  I am finding myself realizing that i will have to change my frame of mind from "mother hostess" who wants all of her guests to be stuffed and to leave the party with leftovers in their hands to a more business end of "this is the size your getting and if you want more you have to pay".  Did any of you ever have this or still have this little internal dilema when  you transitioned into the pro world?


I'm second generation Italian-American by birth, which makes me automatically want to over feed people. Come to my house for dinner - and there will be lots and lots of food - because food=love to any good Italian.


I'm a caterer.  Food= $$$$.  A serving size is a serving size and if you want larger servings, you better order extra.  Now, when calculating for a catering job, I add 2 meals for every ten.  This gives more than enough for seconds.  Am I paying for this out of the kindness of my heart?  Heck no!!  It's built in to the price I give the customer.


Genetically Italian at home..... a very business ($$) minded person when catering.  These two very different people with different philosophies on what a serving is shall never meet!!


Leave your momma-persona at home when building your business.  At least when it comes to money.

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