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Hi everyone,

I absolutely LOVE this cake that one of my clients showed me.  If you are not familiar with what a "SAREE" is, it is a very long piece of fabric that a woman would drape around a woman.  The fabrics come in vibrant colors, sequences, styles etc....

So the cake is for an 80th birthday, and before I can commit to it ..i wanted to know if anyone can assit me in how you would do the draping shown on the cake?  Is it just a big piece of fondant put onto the cake and then pleated?  Would you then decorate the fondant once it is on the cake?  I'm scared of it cracking and drying out....

Any thoughts or advice??

Here is the cake:

Thank you!!

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Looks a little more like Sugar Veil to me than fondant.  I can't imagine being able to drape that large piece of fondant without tearing it. 


Take a look at this--

OMG Meera


That is beautiful. If you knew who actually did the cake, perhaps they might give you guidance?? I emailed a decorator in the UK about her cake. Lo & behold, she emailed me back. Not only did she tell me HOW she did the cake, but gave me suggestions as I told her a was just a hobby baker, and not a Pro.



@Deah - i have no idea what Sugarveil looks so intimidating!!! Do you think i can still pull it off with fondant?


@June - i can't seem to find the original creator of this cake.  I've also searched online and it just appears on someones blog and they haven't credited it!!  But its a great idea!!

Any other thoughts of how I can do the cloth part of it? I'm thinking just draping it around....

If you use fondant you would defintely need to have it in place before adding the decorations.  Otherwise I would think things would pop off or crack while moving the fondant.

I haven't worked with Sugar Veil but I've seen a demo and they make it look easy.  I'm sure there's a learning curve.


Hey Meera

Why don't you try YouTube and see if you can find some kind of a tutorial?? I took a class a couple of years ago where we "draped" fondant around & down the cake & mine never cracked. Of course, it wasn't as large as yours.

Of course yours doesn't neccesarily have do be the same as the picture. You don't have to drape it from top to bottom.

I'm guessing this cake uses orchids to hide the seams in the fondant. 

This is one of Rosebuds cakes. I love this cake. I would decorate it once you've placed it on the cake.

Thanks for the info Ruby!


Here's their website--

And here's their photo--


The description of the cake on flickr says "White chocolate dough sari"

What a stunning cake - a real wow centrepiece!
Could you maybe use a 50/50 mix of fondant and gum paste/flower paste? It might give it a little more strength. I hope you manage to make it :) good luck x

If done in Sugar Veil, the sugar veil would be spread out to dry on a mat. When dry, a punch is used on the edges to create the scallop. The other details are piped on afterwards. You have to spray sugar veil with cocoa butter spray to prevent it from disintegrating.

I've never worked with sugar veil myself. It looks like fondant to me, I could be wrong.  I can ask my girlfriend who worked there what they used.

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