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I am going to make a wedding cake but I worry that I messed up. The bride picked square cake sizes 6, 8, 10. I bought me same size plates and 7" pillars. 

But what I read on internet now is, that my tiers should be 4" different instead of 2.

What should I do??? Should I go with bigger tiers or do what she wants?

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Majka, I'm not sure if I understand your concept so my reply may not be relevent.


Traditionally, tiers are between 3-4" each but that is tradition and not an absolute rule.  I've seen many cakes with a mix of 2" and 4" tiers and some even taller.  In my opinion, if all the tiers are 2" it is going to look squatty. 

Are the tiers to be stacked on each other or does she want space between each tier?  If you use the 7" pillars between each layer and only have 2" of cake that leaves 5" of exposed area which is way too much for so little cake.  You will definitely need to cut the pillars to the appropriate length.   

No, no. I wrote it in confusing way. I meant wide of cakes. Each tier wider. :) My cakes are going to be at least 5 inch tall. :)

i stack the pans to see if i like the way it looks if you are doing a small border it should be okay.  

OK, now I know what you are thinking.  The base tier needs to have at least 2" around it but the others need to be the same size as the tier.  You'll need to put each tier on a cakeboard and then on the plastic plate when you stack them.  You don't want to see the plastic plates on the upper tiers.  Take a look in the photo gallery at the tiered cakes.  They look so much better when the upper tiers are on plates the same size as the cake. 


Your original question didn't address the pillars.  Did you have a question about the use of them?

6, 8, 10 inch cakes will be fine.  It will just have a different look than cakes with 4 inch differences.  It all comes down to a compromise between the look she wants, how many tiers and the serving size.

I am glad I saw this discussion - i have a cake to do for this weekend with push in pillars.

My question is, do I have to have separator plates?  I will be having each cake on a thick cake board.

14" square - cake drum

10" square - cake board

6" square - cake board

Or can I get away with placing the cake board directly ontop of the push in pillar?  

thanks for your help!!

The problem with not using a plate is that there will be nothing to keep the cardboard from sliding around or off the pillars.  If you have the plate there is a bump that the pillars lock into to keep it all in place and stable.  If you don't want to see the plate maybe you could use a size that is equal to your cakes?  Then you could use just a regular cardboard, unless you wanted the additional height form the thick cake board.

HI Denette,

So from what you are saying I should have a cake plate and having the cake board sit on the pillar may be risky?

I was going to be getting the exact size cake board for the 6" and 10" square cakes.

I haven't seen square cake plates...!

Separator plates come in both round and square.  If you just put your cake drum right on the pillars, I just don't see what will hold everything together.

Denette, I will be using these pillars

Do the seperator plates work on these? or would the cake board hold up?

I believe all the pillars fit on all the plates.  It may work without the plates, I just worry about the cake sliding off the pillars as there isn't anything except the weight of the tier holding in in place, nothing to keep it from shifting to the side or sliding on the pillars.  The cardboard drums will just be sitting on the pillars.  It may work fine, just not as secure.

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