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ambers%20cake.jpg A friend of mine sent me a picture of this wedding cake that she found online and said that she wanted the EXACT same cake.  Can anyone tell me where I can find this exact looks similar to a Wilton scroll press kit that I found but it's missing some of the pattterns.

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To me it looks like the Cricut Cake Cartridges.

I'm sure you could print the picture and make YOUR own transfer of the design by hand.  Then once you do that cut your design as close as possible to the picture by hand.  The transfer is drawn by your hand or place the picture under wax paper like a buttercream transfer to get the exact design and draw it onto the wax paper for your template. 


I agree that it looks like the Wilton set.  On another note, I'd be cautious about recreating the EXACT same cake.  You need to leave yourself some wiggle room in case things don't work as planned. 
Good advise, I'll have to mention that to my friend.  I guess I could try to draw it out like a transfer..I'll need to practice that.  I know that the cake was all buttercream with a real ribbon at the bottom so I'm not sure it would be the cricut cartridge..that's for fondant right?  I looked at the site where she got the picture and it appears that this same pattern is in 75% of her wedding cakes so that's why I thought it was a press.
Most of them look to be in the Wilton Favorites press set, the elongated S shape looks like it is from the Designer press set.

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