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Hi there everyone :)

I've just had a very specific request for a birthday cake and I'm a little scared.

Ok, now I have your attention I'll tell you my dilemma.

It's a 10" cherry Madeira cake - no problem there.
Covered in a thin layer of marzipan - I can do that.
Then a layer of what my client called 'proper fondant' not the stuff you roll out!

Once I'd got to the point of, 'oh you mean the stuff Mr Kiplings French Fancies are covered in' the reply - Yep!
I got a little nervous. I've only seen this type of covering used on small petite fours type cakes - not a 10" round.

I need to know:

Can I add it on top of marzipan?
Can I add decoration on top (rolled fondant sunflowers)?
Is this something that's completely out of the question for someone who doesn't even have a poured fondant recipe, let alone used it before lol.

Any advice would be greatly received :)

Hugs, Tracy xx

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Hi Tracy.  imo - 

Can I add it on top of marzipan? - Yes

Can I add decoration on top - Yes

Recipe - cheat.  You can buy ready to make fondant icing powder from Silver Spoon - it's delicious.  Just make it up to the consistency you want, pour it over, smooth it like you would royal icing and leave it to set.  You can add colour, flavour as you would any other icing.  You'll almost certainly have to trim the edges from the bottom of the cake as it will run down and 'glob up' a bit - do that when it's set.  When it's set, it will form a slight crust and you can add your decs then.  Be gentle when doing that as the icing will tend to crack slightly on the crust.

Hope this helps (I can't believe I am giving advice to Superwoman, wow).  Good luck.


Lol Katy,
I like the Cheats way - my fav.
You make it sound so simple......,if it goes wrong I might have to get you to come and do it :)

Thanks so much.......brilliant xxxxx

Yikes Tracy, I wouldn't presume....... It won't go wrong, you can ace it standing on your head, I suspect. (Not that I'm advocating that as the best way to do it)

Hey, sounds like fun though :D x

One other thing, set the cake on like a baking rack or something when you pour it.  That way it will drip off the bottom then put it on the cake board.  That way trimming it off the bottom will be easy.  I haven't don't it with fondant, I did cover a cake with chocolate ganache and poured it on.


katy is that powder something you find on the internet.  I will have to find it, I would love to try to do a poured fondant cake one day. 

Thanks Gretchen - I'll keep that in mind :) x

Good point from Gretchen.  You will have to be very very careful when you move it on to the board though.  The slightest movement and your icing surface may well crack a little.  If it does, dip a spatula in hot water, shake off the excess and smooth the crack over, then leave it to dry again.

Gretchen - I don't know about your part of the world, but the icing is something that is readily available in most supermarkets in the UK in the baking section.  Here's a pic of what it looks like - 

hi Tracy I've never tried it as my cakes having to having something a bit more solid to support the weight of the flowers i make but i was just reading the self same thing in a magazine so hope this helps.

500g Fondant icing sugar (see Katy above)

50ml water

2 tablespoons sugar syrup

2 teaspoons liquid glucose


measure fondant sugar ino a large bowl

add the water (boiled first and then cooled)

mix to a stiff dough

put bowl into microwave and heat for 1- 2 mins but dont overheat

once softened to icing consistenct stir in sugar syrup and mix well

stir in liquid glucose until the icing looks shiny and glossy and flows smoothly from a spoon.

the sugar syrup and liquid glucose will help to ensure that you get even coverage

for best results use whilst still warm.


Easiest way put cake on a cake card or board and as Gretchen said pour your icing over with the cake on a grid over greeseproof paper (it makes clearinf up a lot easier!!)

slide a large patllet knife or cake lifter under the board to lift onto your display board or serving plate.



Thanks so much Les,
You will know if it was a success or not - as to me posting pictures of a fab cake.......or a major poured fondant disaster. Tx

Oh this was certainly helpful ladies as I was just looking into poured fondant for a cake end of August.  the problem being they don't like the cake very sweet with BC (my usual choice) it does get a bit sweet. In order to make it pretty and smooth I was thinking of poured fondant.  Thanks for all the tips.  Katy, i don't think we have fondant icing powder in Toronto, would u know of an alternative?

mmmmmmmmmmmmm, now this is very interesting. I did my pastry training 32 years ago in the UK  and  we used runny fondant  for petite fours and exhibition cakes.  Shaped sponge was covered in apricot jam and then covered in fondant. The fondant is made from  boiling sugar and corn syrup to soft boil stage, taken off the heat and stired for a while making it cloudy, cool  and then you can store it for a few weeks.

So eventually when fondant from the US started to emerge I was very confused and still can't call it fondant!!!! I call it sugar paste.


Does anyone know if Silver Spoon Fondant Icing Sugar is available in the US or Canada?

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