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Is plastic icing the same as fondant? thanks again Shana

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Plastic icing? You mean like chocolate plastic? If so then no... it's modeling chocolate. But I have never really heard of the term 'plastic icing'.
I seen someone's cake today and they said they used plastic icing well then I goggled it and fondant kept come up. It was a jungle cake I believe now I can't find it everything was in full detail something I never seen before it was so life like. I was just wondering what it was.
probably modleing chocolate which is also called chocolate plastic or candy clay, though maybe fondant... if you find it again post a link and maybe I can tell by looking at it. =]

In South Africa fondant is known as plastic icing, sugar paste, pettinice.
Thank you so much for explaining I was so confused

Neryl Johnson said:
In South Africa fondant is known as plastic icing, sugar paste, pettinice.
From South Africa.   We call it Plastic Icing!   Weird! If we were to use the word "Fondant" our clients would say "Huh?"
From Zimbabwe, yes fondant is also known as plastic icing!!!!
Yup, in Australia it's also called plastic icing. I think it came about because it's maleable??? Fondant was the term used for the soft icing that was then covered in chocolate to make classy sweets/lollies/candy.
Bettina - AH! I was wondering.  I bought some Cadbury chocolate eggs at the store the other day and noticed the package said it had a "fondant center".  I know they are gooey inside so thought it was strange. :) This explains it.

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