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When I was away I bought a packet cake mix from  a cake store. It says on the packet to mix with a stand mixer, but I  only have an electric hand one. Should this still work ? Cant buy this cake mix here so want to know before I  use it !

Thanks for your help !

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Not an expert, but I don't see why not? The stand mixer tends toget it smoother, but you can sift the mix first then add the ingredients and mix with the hand mixer and it should be just as smooth. :)

Thankis Melanie, Ill let you know how it turns out !

I must be a real old relic.
I use to mix by hand, with either wooden spoon or wire whisk. There may have been the odd small "lump" of cake mix missed, but it never mattered. It always turned out.

Not an expert either, but I think the only difference is that a stand mixer will move the beater around the bowl, whereas a hand one would normally be static.  So all you have to do is move your whisk around and you achieve the same effect....................?

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