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We are in the process of trying to line up really great discounts on different cake decorating products for our members. What I'd like to know is what have you been holding out on buying because you've been waiting for a great deal? Help us find items you really want to see at deep discounts. Thanks!

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I would love to see rubber molds for fondant, rose cutters and petals molds just like Carla said...


       Bismark  tip 230


        Silicone Mols

        Pillow Cake Pans

I just found this thread....I'd like to see a whole set of luster dusts or petal dusts. Heck, I'd even like to see black stamens. Do you know how hard it is to find black stamens?? How about metal ball tools...that's another one that I cannot buy local.

First I'ld like to say THNAK you for looking for these awesome deals! I think that is just a great thing you do for this forum. Everyone has listed some all ready grat things. I woud like to add the Marina Sousa suagr molds and maybe some blown sugar making products as well. Thank you!

airbrush machine , molds and Satin Ice.

Hi Theresa, the airbrush sets would be great.

However when I look at the prices of items I must multiply it by 8 ( ZAR X US$)- so as you can imagine i'm always looking for great deals to get value for my South African Rand.

Thank you for your insight in trying to source better deals for us


Can anyone tell me where to look for the deals link; i'm not able to look at the latest deals. 

It will be nice to have deals on various gum paste flower cutters.

Earlene's mold

items which are new on tbe market only not the same thing we all have access to. i like seeing new products

I love the ideas below with my top 2 being the air brush and the edible images canon printer.

Molds would be my preference - so expensive over here!

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