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not one so far has turned out right...vanilla diabetice cake! arrrgh

keeping it short...

limited time left for pick cake yet! HELP!!!!!! 

all help appreciated

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Never to worry...the cake is fine being "regular"...trying to remain emotionless *straight face*

I'm sorry Teneisha. There are sugar free mixes in the grocery stores now. Are you trying those? Here are a couple of links:


Is Splenda available to you in Jamaica? There are recipes on that site too, but none of them will work with any other kind of sweetner. Here is a flourless recipe:

So sorry you are having trouble Teneisha. I have 3 diabetic friends. Honestly, there is no real "diabetic" cake. There are cakes, cookies with less sugar, or sugar replacements, but the flour/starches become sugar in the body. They account for that in their diet. I usually put in about 1/2 to 1/3 less sugar. The sugar I use is NOT white processed, but organic cane sugar. Then either agave nectar, or stevia for extra sweetness. The rest of cake ingredients I make as usual. Pretty sure you can get stevia at a local health food store. I should caution you that if you use stevia, it is twice as sweet as regular sugar. But truly is all natural.
Hope this helps.

Thanks Rima and June.

I used madam Splenda!!! epic fail!!!!

I am just going to stay away from diabetic cakes...if they want low sugar no problem...

I ended baking and decorating a regular vanilla cake in a few hours...she was happy with the cake...:)

Glad she was happy. I went to a health seminar, & when I found out how dangerous Splenda was, I through it out. Too many nasty chemicals.

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