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Hi newbies, 


Welcome to Cakes We Bake. Please introduce yourself here.

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hi Cha-Cha ! I have a friend on facebook , in TX that started home base bakery ! COUSIN CAKES ! CHECK HER OUT , ! SHE DUZ AWESOME FROM HER HOME BASE ! Diedre Cousin , ! tell her gali sent you !

HI.. My name is keith. I am interested to share and receive news about bobble head cake toppers, cake toppers, personalized cake toppers and many more! I joined the site a couple of weeks ago.

Hi Keith, welcome... nice to get your info about bobble head cake toppers :) ... 

Hi I am Allene and I am finally getting to start my home cake business thanks to the new Cottage Laws here in Louisiana YAY Glad to be here seen alot of useful tips and links already :)

Welcome Allene...... :o)

hi, this is binita, i am pleased to here.. i love cakes that brings me here''lol

Welcome Binita....

Welcome Binita - thanks for posting.  Look forward to having you as a member

welcome all the new members , lets go have fun caking !

Katy Nott said:

Welcome Binita - thanks for posting.  Look forward to having you as a member

Hello everybody, I am Alison, a Scot who has been living in Madrid, Spain for the past 33 years. To cut a long story short I started baking because I was fed up buying dry, expensive over sweet birthday cakes with no personallity or texture for my kids......the kind of cakes you get in Spain are completely different from what you can get in U.K. Since we are in the restaurant trade or at least my husband is, I started making cakes for our weekends because I am an interior designer and had a small business for 15 years untill it got swallowed up by the economical situation ......hence partly why I like baking, I like to decorate just about anything...... and now bake on a larger scale although. I am not professional and I am always glad to learn new things and to find people willing to share their experience.Here goes a foto of a pink ombre cake I made a while ago. Hope to hear from people who love baking. By the way does anybody have a tried and tested cupcake recipe with a soft centre? I am making a cupcake tower for a wedding in Octobre and would like to make a cupcake with a surprise in the centre when you bite into it.

nice having new comer's , cant wait to see some cakes ; )

Welcome Alison.  Hope you enjoy being a member here - lots of advice and help from others.  Sadly I can't help you with a soft centre cupcake as I've not done one yet!  Try posting this request as a disussion on the main page - you'll reach more members this way.

Another member has kindly told me that you have been spam commented by a bogus member.  Apologies for that, it has slipped through our net.  That member has been deleted.  If anything like this happens, please be sure to let me or another Moderator know.  They are June Kowalczyk, Goreti and Theresa Happe.

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