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Hi newbies, 


Welcome to Cakes We Bake. Please introduce yourself here.

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Well Kayla

What I do if I buy $$$$ liners is:  I  will put the expensive liner in the muffin cup tin 1st, then the cheapie one next. I buy a lage sz of the $$$ one, medium sz of the cheapie so it "fits" nicely inside the $$$ one.  The cheapie absorbs most of the oil, leaving the $$$$ pretty much intact.  Also, if I know I am using my batter for cupcakes, I do cut back on the amount of oil used. Each individual cupcake doesn't need that much oil as compared to a whole cake. That way, you don't end up with that "greasy" liner.   Hope this helps.....  :o)

i buy cheap linners, and if i want them deco liners just drop your cupcake in that ! after they are baked ! dont bake in the deco liners !


Welcome Kat.

Welcome Kat
You came to the right place to learn & find cake friends.


Hiya my name is Laura I have only just found this site and the advice on here is fantastic, ive only decorated a few cakes so far just for family but have just started to sell cakes hope to be able to decorate full time as I love it.


bake in the cheap liners , than put the cupcake or muffin w/ the cheap liner  its baked in rite into the deco liner , its better than baking in the deco linner ! and makes it look like xtra care in displying your cupcakes with the pretty outer linner ! 

Welcome Laura
This site is "additive"!! :0)

Welcome all the Newbies who have joined us recently.  You will love this site and be made to feel most welcome.

Hi My name is Betty and I'm new here. Have been decorating cake for around 35 years and am self taught. I look farward to looking at everyones cakes and getting lots of ideas.

My website is

Welcome Betty. :0)

Hi, I am Seema from India. I accidentally found this site while goggling for some recipe. It’s a wonderful forum for new bakers. I started baking some 8 months ago.  As my new found passion and I am just loving it :)

I am here to network, share ideas, learn about baking & decorating cakes...

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