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Hello all! I am 100% new to baking and decorating cakes! I discovered I loved baking a cake when I made my first sour cream bundt cake with fudge icing..turned out amazing and had fun doing it! I want to take the Wilton cake decorating class in a few weeks. Any input on this if you have taken it? What do you recommend I start off with buying as a beginner? I was looking at all kinds of kits but there are so many. And I am starting to realize this might not be a super cheap hobby, but how much did you put into it when you first started? Well I know it is a lot of questions but I would love anyones input for my new adventure!! Thanks, Erica

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Wow, you reply! So many people these days don't reply to posts.:) Maybe they're busy. But it does feel good to know that the person for whom I posted a reply read the material and replied back. My respect and love to you.


hahaha, I know what you mean. It is grand indeed! Watching my creations being raved over and talked about all over the society. It is a good feeling.:) People remember you! -"Hey you're that baker, right?" We as bakers are privileged to know of such a thing! Although tasting the uncooked batter is a little frightening for me, I believe in the cliche - To each, her own. 


Well, here's a tip. If you're all about creativity, then Cake Decoration might be the right stream for yah. In cake making, there's one, the Baking stream and then two, Decorating stream. The Baking stream is all about making a variety of different cakes -Cake science! Whereas the Decorating stream is all about cutting up cakes to shapes and focusing only on decorating them.(All types of Icings/frostings -sugar paste; royal; buttercream; fondant ; ganache;, Flower petal making, Color experimenting, Shapes of leaves and cherries and carrots and what not)


hahaha, indeed cake decoration is a wonderful creative thing! Follow your heart and it will show which stream to focus more upon.

The book 'Baking for Dummies' is mostly about CAKE Baking, not about Decorating. So if thats what you're looking for, do borrow it from the library.


The book I was talking about is from the stream of Cake decorating. It's gotten good reviews over time and is a ton of help.  Valuable information, tips and advice on how to decorate that cake just perfect and set you on the right foot. The people I know, loved it. It's an e-book, just to let you know.


Well, I wish you best of luck on your adventures Erika!:) 

May your journey be fruitful and happy.

Erica K said:


I love the smell and of course tasting the batter :) The best part is when I watched people eat it and they raved about it! It made my day :) I have always been creative but was not sure how to use it and now I think I know!
What is the name of the book? The link did not work...I did check out baking for dummies at library and waiting for it to be available! Thank you for all of your advice and I like your profile that a strawberry cake?
John reece said:

haha, good for you! You found your way to what your heart resonated too^^ It's always heavenly~

Like you, I found my passion for baking when I opened up and baked a Vanilla cake mix my mom brought home. Mom was surprised it turned out good! I was 15. Since then I've been HOOKED! It feels were MADE for this, doesn't it? Congrats!


Well, I didn't start off with all the money you plan to use for bakery tools.  I just went with the flow and brought home all the things I needed one by one~ 

You don't necessarily NEED all kinds of tools and stuff to start into your baking adventures.  And sometimes, if you buy a Tool Kit, it might be confusing and a little distracting for you to pursue your passion with comfort.

Remember, it's all about the heart, not the tools! You'll get to know what you need one by one.:)  I personally think it's better that way.! Definitely more comfortable. Feels good at the heart.

You might want to consider buying a few cheap books about cake decorating that give you a basic feel about the cake decorating world. You know, terms, decorating processes, secrets on how to get that fondant or buttercream just right, advice on how to ice cakes to get it looking great.

I've never successfully made a perfect ICED cake, to be honest!^^ it's difficult stuff. Takes some coaching and advice to get that cake looking great.

Ermm, a few things you might need are spatulas, Icing imprinters, a definite must-have is a good cake stand,  strong and re-usable piping bags, piping tubes with different patterns, rose petal nail etc etc. Thats all you need at a beginner level.:) 


If you're looking for cheap and valuable books on tips and secrets to decorating that PERFECT cake, I can suggest you one.  It can help you get on with decorating on the right foot.:)


Well, Good luck!!:) Glad you found your passion!


ps: Oh! Forgot one thing.....It's all about the fingers.

 I took the Wilton classes and found them to be pretty helpful. There is also a great website I am a member of that has great decorating DVDs for cakes, cookies ,candy etc. it is called Yummy Arts. The web address is I have found a bunch of different websites to get supplies from using the internet; is a good one or fancyflour,com. I got most of my supplies to begin with at Michaels, Joanne's or Hobby Lobby because I would use discount coupons and get things cheaper.


yes i use my palette knife to smooth and frost cake.either and angled one or a straight one.
Erica K said:


This might be a stupid question but is the palette knife is what you use to smooth and frost the cake?

sylvia said:


i started with buying the basic things like palette knife,primary colors,cake pans and a set of measuring spoons with a scale.gradually bought smoe cutters like the leaf and rose

When I started  I went to all kinds of thift stores and bought up all kinds of character cake pans!  And I don't use them.  If anyone wants any let me know.  So, please be careful of your purchases.  Go with basics and use the advice of your collegues.  Any questions, you know you can get the answers here.

Many years ago I started off inspired like you!   I love it when someone gets the bug! The first thing I ever bought was a cheap foil heart pan set that was half price after valentines day.... made quite a few cakes with those old foil pans!!!  Then my first real order I got a 12x18 wilton pan, a set of tips, some colors, and I thought I was good to go.  Not long after that I invested in a set of round pans and some of those old plastic plates and pillars because I had people asking me to do wedding cakes.... that was what got me going!  It is not a cheap hobby you can invest as much or as little as you want.  I guess over the years I have realized that the tools you own make the tasks easier.    Watch a lot of the free videos on you tube and on here and decide what you want to learn and how much you want to invest.  I have a lot of $$$ tied up but over 33 years... you accumulate a lot of stuff.  I have handed off the old wilton stuff that I used to have.  Most of it was out dated and I like magic line and fat daddios pans better.  I would never be without my fat daddios turntable or my bench scrapers... or my ateco silicone mat.  Those things are key tools for the work I do.

 I have bought several DVD's and the ones I love most are Sharon Zambito's.  And if you want to learn flowers, Nicholas Lodge and Jennifer Dontz have fantastic DVD's! 

Hope you get off to a great start and welcome to the crazy world of cake!

Erica K said:

Karen- Americolors are gel paste colors yes to tint or frostings etc.  You can find them on the internet or if you have a Hobby Lobby where you live they also sell them. 

Happy Saturday night :) I was wondering what exactly Americolors is? Are you talking about the colors for the fondant and icing etc? I googled it but could not find a website, do you know if they have one? Ebay does have many pans but it does seem that some of their prices are to much and you can get same for a new one. Fondx...I watched some kind of video yesterday about that when someone was making fondant and it looks fairly reasonable. The picture you have of that wedding cake was amazing! How long did that take you?


Karen Underdahl said:

Hi Erica!

Sher gave you a great answer!  Both Edna and Seriouscakes will answer questions also, if you have any from their videos.  I did that the Wilton classes many - many - many years ago and I thought they were a good base to build upon.  I have to agree the Americolors are much better and more true than the Wilton colors,  the Wilton fondant does taste a little better,  (I do not use it however!)  I like Fondx, but have to order it.  Check ebay for pans and supplies, I have been able to get a lot on there, but you have to know what they cost new, so you don't get taken advantage of.  Have fun!!!




 I will start with basic equipment like  nozzles, smoother, plunger cutters, small cake cases and etc. I have transacted with this online shop ( Baking multiple times, they sell the tools in reasonable price. A good place to shop if you have tight budget.


Happy Baking.





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