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There are a few local cake competions in my area that I'm thinking of entering.  I've never entered one before and basically want to do it just for the experience and to reap from other cake decorators knowledge.   One thing that I noticed is that they require you to use cake dummies??  Is that normal? Just seems strange to me, how would they know your true abilities to work with cake if you're using styrofoam?  Personally I am more impressed with a "cake" that is all edible cake.  I use rkt very rarely and don't like gumpaste since it is never eaten.  Maybe it's just me but I think a cake competition should acutally involve a cake that you can eat?  Any thoughts?  Help me understand, I'm so new to this

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Angel, last year was my first time entering too. I asked the same question.....until I got to the competition. First off, there were so many people bringing in cakes that it seemed like a mad house with people bumping other people and such. Secondly, the cakes sat out for several days while people strolled by looking at them, and if you didn't catch them quick enough, there was always some little kid or even a grown up that just can't resist the urge to touch the cakes. The kind of show we had there was also a section for actual baked cakes and other items, and by the end of the competition, people had stuck their fingers in them, and taken big gouges of cake out of was a mess! I used the dummies and most likely always will from now on after seeing the fiasco that had taken place with the 'real' baked items. that is my opinion, I'm sure that others have their own reasons.

Well when you put it like that I now undertand why they would want the dummies.  These are same day competitions to my understanding..judging and awarding to be done the same day but I could see it being safer with all the children running around.  Thanks for helping me understand Linda, and taking time to reply!!

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