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Need to purchase a stand mixer, which one should I get? Kitchenaid? Viking? Cuisinart?

Help!!! I need opinions before I purchase my mixer.

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Kitchen Aid 600 at Williams Sonoma. It's high capacity--great for doubling recipes--and professional grade. Can also buy attachments for pasta making, sausage making, etc.
I've had it for years, it replaced the Kitchen Aid we had bought at Sam's Club (motor burnt after 2 years). Apparently, not all mixers are made the same, even if it's the same manufacturer.
Definitely Kitchenaid. They last forever! My mother is still using the same one I learned to bake with over 30 years ago. It dropped on the floor and broke the floor. It's indestructable!
My cousin found me the ka 600 at a second hand shop for $125 with all the attachments and it's been great. (series that retails for about $500-600 at the stores) use for everything cookie dough, icings, batter. love it!!
Thank you for all the replies so far everyone loves kitchenaid and one of you traded Kitchenaid for Cuisinart and loved that one.
I have the Cuisinart and LOVE IT. I debated between Kitchenaid and Cuisinart and decided this way simply because of the aesthetics. It fits better on my counter and I love the timer feature it has.
I have 2 Kitchen Aides... my standard one that I use almost every day for something... and my Big 6qt machine that I LOVE! I can make enough buttercream to ice a 10-8-6" round cake in one batch. LOVE that because I hated making several batches. I'd swear by my KA's but... I have never used anything else. I have a hand mixer in a box.... in the back of the cupboard.... that never gets used.
My husband bought me a Kennmore Elite & it is fantastic. You can do double recipes & works good. I haven't had any problems at all & would suggest this to anyone. We couldn't afford the Kitchen Aid which I have always wanted but this must be the next best thing.

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