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Need to find image of certain cake technique - HELP!

I want to show a friend a cake using the method where you pipe a line of large dots down the side in frosting and then pull each one to the side and then repeat all the way around, but I have NO idea what that technique is called so don't know what to search for.  Anyone know what I'm talking about, have done it, and loaded a picture on here? Thanks! I'm going crazy trying to find one and sifting through over 100,000 a little while.

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I've seen a tutorial on it but it has been a while so I don't remember where.  Here's one I did about a year ago.

If I remember right I used a #10 tip and the end of my spatula to pull the dot out.  You can use a spoon also for wider pulls.


It is called petal effect.... go on facebook and look up Ni Cakes, I believe she is a member here also.  She has an album called Short foto tutorials and it is on there.  I love that look and have used it.

petal technique. it is usually used for a ombre cap. I think you can find a video on you tube. I di a version and the cake is in the photo gallery at

Thanks everyone.  I sent her some examples and we've decided to go with a different look after all.  I'll be covering her cake with " rose petals" instead.  Sigh - that's a lot of work.

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