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Need help!!!! with the sizes of the cakes they used...I have to do this cake in July.......For 120-150 people what size pans do I need

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Looks like 14", 10" and 6" to me - what does everyone else think?  I'm mostly going by the size of the fresh roses around it.

Check these serving charts for the sizes you need -


Beautiful cake by the way.  That one should be fun to do.

I would say 14, 10, and 6 also. It is three layers high. You cut the top layer at a slant. A topsy turvy cake serves quite a few people. Use this site to check your servings This should be right in the ballpark of how many you need to feed.
Thank you, I appreciate all the help :)))) I think I am going to do 16 in, 12, and 8 with a 6in so thanks ladies

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