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Hi all, I need your help. I am making a car cake, it's a replica of a 16 year olds '68 Mustang he is restoring. :) I want to put in those button lights for the headlights, so they actually light up. But what is the actual name for those lights (or are they just called button lights? lol), so I can look them up or call craft stores in my area to see if they carry them. Or if anyone can provide a link, that would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks!!

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What about buying a model of the car. The kind that come in a box and you put them together. That would have all the parts you need. Even though they are not edible. Just a idea. Good luck..
Do the lights work in the model cars??? I don't recall seeing any models with working headlights, but I could be wrong. :) Thanks for the info tho, I will check those out!
Maybe Hobby LED's are what you are looking for... Good luck..
oooh, ok...thanks, I'll try searching under that name. :)
 I think they are called button led lites. check craft stores.
Thanks Allyson, I'll check that too. Much appreciated!! :)

You can also look up "Balloon Lights" - I've seen those as well.


When I looked for "button lights" I didn't see anything that looked right.  But I found these under "balloon lights" and they look about right.  I'm also doing a car, but not until December, and would love to put working headlights in it.
Hmm, those are interesting. :) Wonder if you can take the balloon off the light. I did call Radio Shack and they have button led lights, but they have to be connected to a button cell battery with a wire....I explained that I wanted them for headlights for a car cake and didn't really want any wires. He told me to stop by and he'd show me how they work. We'll see...that may be my only option as the cake is due on sept 25th. I always seem to get great ideas for a cake when it's too late to order anything!!! lol Thanks all for your help!!!
OOOoooo - Kay - I like those aqua brites they have on that site!  I think I'm going to get some to play with.  Those would be cool as interior lighting for cupcake towers too!  I want to see just how bright they are.

I did a Dr. Who Tardis cake, with a flashing blue light on top.  It was a home-made wired job with a small battery pack.  I put a straw through the cake to the back of the bottom and fed the wires through that and hooked up the battery pack to the wires then covered it with a little fondant.  There was a switch there, and it worked great! 


The aqua lights would probably work fine for the car, you's have to set them up to be able to turn them on and slip them into the hole in the cake covering though. A foil "socket might work to keep the hole in the correct shape for easy applying.

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