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hey everybody, some newbie questions for y'all


so my question now is, i have my first groom's cake..yah mee!! so i'm asking for some help

its a soccer/football on top of a 10 n 12inch sqaure layers. all fondant covered


1) i need to make one of the layers dummy, cause its not to serve that many people. which would u advise

2)dowelling the cake

3) the wedding is on a saturday. how should i plan out the preparation time?

4) can i complete the cake on the friday before the wedding? and if so, whats the best way to store it. (i live in the caribbean= hot hot humid, hot)


Thanks for your advise


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1) make the bottom one the dummy.  It will support the top cake w/o needing any dowels.

2) none needed

3) Bake anytime between Sunday and Wed; cool cakes, wrap in plastic wrap &/OR put into a plastic bag, freeze at least overnight but up to 6 months ahead:); remove cakes to frig the night before wanting to ice/decorate; no later than Thursday ice and (at least start) decorate(ing); Fri finish any work still not done; Sat deliver.

4) Yes.  Since it is hot/humid I suggest the cake be boxed and put into the frig.  Where I am it can be hot/humid a few months of the yr and I have not had a problem keeping a completed cake on the counter overnight/for a day or two.  Only you know how your cakes would hold up in your area.

thanks lynne.


but how would d ball stay n transport without dowels


secondly, is it safe to refridgerate a cake covered in fondant?

If I understand right, the ball is going on top of a sq (real) cake that will be sitting on top of a sq dummy cake - right?

Then what holds the ball is icing.  The sq is iced and so is the ball; icing to icing holds it in place.  Will both the sq and the ball be covered in fondant?  Then put a nice sized blob of b'cream icing between the two - just enough to hold it but not show.  If you still do not feel safe treansporting it like that, then you can use a dowel through the whole thing.  It will help a little - especially if it is hot out.  But mostly when delivering one needs to be super cautious when driving :) 

Is it safe to frig a fondant covered cake?  sure. but it will sweat when it is taken out of the frig to room temp.  If it does, do NOT touch it until the sweating has evaporated.  How long that is depends on tempuratures.  When the cake sweats (under the fondant) it can become soggy - that's why most people recommend not frig'ing or freezing fondant covered c akes. 

Hi guys, i was able to complete the cake and it was a true success. i will post pics on my page. Thanks for the advice

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