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Mother's Day Cake Contest:

Enter your mother's day cake by Tuesday, May 17th for a chance to win. Add the photo to your profile and label the title Mother's Day Cake Contest. All entries will be featured at the top of the photos page. You may enter as many cakes as you like, but please enter only1 photo per cake entry.

Sponsored by A&H Cake Design cake decorating supplies store. 


1st place: $20 gift certificate to A&H Cake Design

2nd place: $15 gift certificate to A&H Cake Design

The top ten cakes will be determined by the number of people selecting it as their favorite with the favorite button.  Voting will take place from Wednesday, May 18th to Sunday, May 22nd. Judges will vote from May 23rd - 25th.  The winners will be posted on May 26th.


Entries are manually added to the contest, so please don't worry if you don't see your cake added right away. If we do not spot it within 24 hours, please let us know.


Congratulations, Sheila Borden - 1st place:


And Janet Hall - 2nd place:


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Looking forward to enter my first contest :)
Sooooo Excited!!!
Ok so I uploaded my pic to my profile and labeled it like you said, but I don't see it? Did I do it right?

It should be in the featured photos now. :)  Thanks for letting us know.  Sometimes we don't get to them right away, but when members notify us somehow it's sure to make it into the contest. Have a great day! Beautiful cake by the way.

Tre Sye said:

Ok so I uploaded my pic to my profile and labeled it like you said, but I don't see it? Did I do it right?
Does this mean anyone who has already voted for my cake doesn't count?
Theresa forgot to mention that we discourage members from soliciting votes from other websites such as Facebook.  We've had a problem in the past of people getting their friends to sign up as members here just to vote for their cakes and then they leave the site after the contest.  This is generally considered "cheating".  It's a small, friendly contest by cake decorators for cake decorators.  We appreciate everyone's cooperation on this!  Thanks!
Thanks so much for letting me participate!

I'm excited to have entered a contest for the first time! I've had my profile for a while but have been more of a lurker til lately. I added pix of my mother's day cakes yesterday and thought I followed all the directions but I must have done something wrong because they aren't appearing in the featured photos. Could someone please help me figure out what I did wrong?

Thanks in Advance,


LeighAnn, you didn't do anything wrong. We have to manually find the cakes and add them to the contest. I will get yours featured now.
Oh ok! Thanks so much :)
lots of  cute cakes entered!

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