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What is the most versatile, shaped cake pan to have? I am referring to 3D ones...

Appreciate any responses!

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Judy - I use my sports ball pans all the time.  I have the full-sized one and the mini ball pan (that bakes 6 half-balls).  Since it bakes a perfect dome, you can use it for all kinds of things.  I also use my mini ball pan to shape large flowers - much deeper than the little Wilton flower cups.
Thanks Eileen. I got the mini ball pan (a pre-birthday gift from hubby) and I am going to make something using it...
I have the sports ball pan too and use it for a lot of things.  I don't have any other 3-D pans... never invested in them. 

I know 3D pans can be expensive.  I have quite a few.  I look at the local consignment shops, Goodwill and the local flea markets to find 3D pans.  I bring them home and clean them really good before I use them.  I have the ball pan, the sitting down lamb, the sitting down teddy bear, half football....all I found at flea markets.  I've also seen other pan types at flea markets. 

I use my ball pan the most.  I have used it to make all different types of sports balls, the ends of a large pickle, and a cinderella type carrage.


Thanks for the responses.. I guess, the sports ball pan should be my next buy :)

I know this discussion is a little old but i wanted to add my .02 :). In addition to the sports ball and mini ball, which I use for a lot of stuff, too, I found a 3D Wilton heart pan at a yard sale. It's discontinued and is different than the Sweetheart pan they have now. I paid $2 for it and so far I've used it as a heart (anniversary love birds), a chocolate covered strawberry, and I've carved a baseball glove from it. Pretty good return for my $2 :)

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