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just thought i would share. many of the kids play dough sets have plastic molds which can be used to 3d fondant figures and cake decorations. just let the kids play with the play dough and keep the molds for your cake decorations. you can find them with the play dough and some of the great molds come with the moon sand. all are plastic and washable, like the play dough, give the moon sand to the kids to play with.

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another great way to make your figures from the rolled buttercream. rolled buttercream can be used anyway that fondant, gumpaste, etc. can be used. cover cakes, make figures, cake decorations, etc. also, the molds that come with the play dough and moon sand sets are the perfect size for cake decorations, so much fun to mix and match the sets. even grownups like to play!
Great idea! I bought some sculpey clay molds in the clearance section at Michaels the other day... I assume they will work the same as others.
any kind of mold will work as long as it is food safe. actually the moon sand sets have the most 3d molds with the most details and the kids can play with the moon sand, or maybe we will play with it. ha!ha! it's suprising what you can find in the kid toys section that you can use for cake decorating. also, the play dough has the tools and shapers for making the play dough figures that you can use to make your decorations for your cake. also, crayola, in the kids toys section has animal dot figure making, has the tools to make figures with dots or with dots with stars you can also use for your cake decorating. play, have fun! you can use all these with fondant, rolled buttercream, etc.
if i can help with any tips or problems, email me. i will be glad to help anyway i can. have fun!

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