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I am really interested in learn modeling. Is rice crispy good to use for a big modeling proyects. Need help also with the rice crsipy recipe

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Here is the original recipe

I would check out latin language magazines such as bolos or decoracion de utilisima...these tend to have alot of step by step instruction...I would think that any of these could be adapted to RKT. You can find many of them on Picasa
A good source of info for making small animals and figures are magazines & books on Polymer Clay.
That will give you the basics and you can build from there.
Now, I suppose it depends on what you are making, but I really like buying the Rice Crispy Treats that are the individual snacks (already made and packaged). I bought a big box of them at Walmart for about $3.00. It was enough for me to sculpt a wild hog's head, snout and bottom jaw out of. I find the stickiness and firmness of them are just right. And it's less work, mess and they are just the perfect consistency to mold into whatever. :0)

Hi Laura. go to my web page and you can find a tutorial how to make a fantasy horse and you can have an idea how to modeling also I have a tutorial How to make a easter bunny.. Go to


Hi if u check youtube, you will find some video on how to do modeling with fondant. Hope that helps

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