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I have a membership to I was wondering what people think and if there are any members out there? Wondering if I should keep it or not $29.00 per month..Help..

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I thought it was too price for 29.00 a month..granted you get access to their library but you hve to keep paying the membership....I tried  it twice and dropped it both times before my 30 days...I   guess it would be good for beginners because they have alot of information...I would buy the video collections when they go on sale and save the membership fees IMHO...

Just caught this post, so I thought I would throw my 2 cents in. I decided to try Yummy Arts, free for a month.  Quite honestly, there were a lot of cakes I really didn't like, so why would I try and make them? Also for what you pay mnthly, you can either take lessons, look on You Tube, by a good cake decorating book, ask the members here.  I just sent for a gift card from my Visa points, to a book store here, Chapters, like Amazon in USA. They have a promotion on for members, which I am one, and I am going to get Toba Garrett's book "professional decorating", Reg $100, on for $45, my card is for $50, shipping is free, so I make out like a bandit.  So if you look around, there are ways to learn without shelling out all that  mnthly $$. When you add up what you pay, my personal opinion is it is just not worth it.  I actually joined for $30 A YEAR....NOT A MNTH to .....  Melissa, the teacher is amazing. You can contact her personally, and SHE WILL, get back to you.  Lot of great knowledge & techniques their. Plus other members will help you out their also. Big, big difference between $30 a yr., and $20 + a mnth.

Ck it out Patricia, you might be pleasantly surprised.

i to have yummy aarts getting ready to drop them i go on maybe thee times a years but video and drop back out its not worth it and mine is 19.95 so check you membership i think thay are over charging you right now
Thank-you for this information.  I love the YummyArts website, but found it was too expensive.  I've looked at and will subscribe to it right away!
I too have tried yummyarts twice and dropped both times....videos don't change and I think they are to vague..they ask the beginning cake decorator (the sites target audience) to assume too much.  The first time I joined the forums were fairly active, the second time it was like a ghost town.  I also tried, which has really good videos, but had to drop that due to budget.  I just don't think yummyarts is worth the price for most of the reasons stated above.


I subscribed to Yummy Arts before.  Wasn't happy about how they share their knowledge in cake decorating for beginners like me.


Try My, Melissa really teaches different ways how to do things.  For a beginner, it is much easier to follow her instructions.

Yes, I mentioned this in a previous post a few weeks ago.  Melissa is great, & you feel like it is kind of "hands on". When ever I have had a question, or concern, either she or her Mom have answered me right away.  If she doesn't know, she finds out for you.

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