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Does anyone know if you can make fondont into gumpaste?


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Donna, there are two ways that I know of, you can mix equal portions of fondant and gumpaste together or you can add tylose powder to the can find tylose on line (like at amazon), tylose is not the same as gum tex that wilton makes and I have never seen supply stores such as michaels or joanns carry tylose....I got lucky enough to find mine at a cake shop that also sold a few supplies. add 1 to 2 teaspoons per 1lb of fondant
You can make modeling paste by adding tylose to it:
A form of gumpaste can be made by adding Wilton's GumTex to fondant. Just knead about a teaspoon of GumTex into a baseball size hunk of fondant. Knead well. You will begin to feel it get dry and 'tight'. If it doesn't just keep adding just a bit more GT until it does.
The question is, what are you wanting to do with it? If you're wanting to make figure models, go with modeling paste. If you're wanting to make flowers go with a gumpaste.
Absolutely! Just mix in a little Tylose- Viola!
Adding just Tylose to fondant makes modeling paste, not to be confused with gumpaste. I'm not familiar with GumTex so I can't speak to that. Nick Lodge has a great recipe for making gumpaste:

Here is Scott Clark Wooley's recipe:

His is closer to a Mexican paste recipe to me. Mexican paste dries very hard.

Mixing half gumpaste and half fondant is usually called 50/50 and that won't stand up to flower making but can work okay for figure modeling, though.

I hope that helps.

Wow that's a lot to take in with all the different goodies out there. I haven't seen gum pase in South Africa and JEM is closed for the holidays still :(


OK so out of the whole lot which would be best for making the brim of a cowboy hat please? I only have pre bought fondant (from Party Themes for those of you from South Africa :). I have found it difficult to work with when it's humid as it gets very sticky and shiny especially if it has to be coloured. I have started using powder colours and hope that will help with the shiny stickiness !




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