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Does anyone have Ingredience on how to make buttercream icing with Splenda, instead of using Powder sugar ??? , so its Not as sweet , But hopefully still works so i can still decorate the cake making boarders flowers ect ?

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To me Splenda is way sweeter than sugar.  I don't bake with it.  I use Stevia or Truvia but I do not bake with either of them either.

I find that syrups work better... try this


You can pretty much add it to any basic butter cream recipe in place of sugar, or to taste.

i am looking for actuall ingredience , to replace using 4 cups of powderd sugar  and hoping i can use splenda,  and how much splenda i wuld have to use to ecuivalate to 4 cups of powder sugar ,,,
But thank you both for your responces
The link i sent you is for liquid splenda,  you can get in un flavored too.  Otherwise just get the splenda confectioners style and substitue cup for cup splenda for sugar

You could try to put your Splenda in a food processor with some powdered milk and pulse till fine like powdered sugar.  Not sure the ratio though.

I researched some and found a great product....well, sounds like it, but haven't actually tried it.  It's called Whey Low.  Anybody have any thoughts?
Splenda will not act like sugar in American buttercream. I have been working on developing sugar free and no added sugar recipes. I have been working with 2 sugar alcohols; Xylitol and Isomalt. you can combine them in a20/80 percent by weight in a baking recipe to completely replace sugar. The only thing is there is no browning. It is still in my experimental stage but I think it is going to have good stable results. Jaci you can get Xylitol in the health food stores. It is very coarse so you will need to process it in a food processor unti it is  fine powder and then you can use it in a buttercream recipe. You can add a litle Splenda if you want it a little sweeter tasting. By the way Xylitol is not cheap, about 6-7 dollars for a 1 lb bag. I buy mine online at   They have the best  pricing and the best quality.

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