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I was wondering if anyone new how to make little fancy gloves in gumpaste or fondant and make them look 3-d like.  I have been trying and looking just about every cake decorating book and cannot find anything.  I would greatly appreciated if some one could help me.


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Hi Ana,

I made some goalie gloves (so not fancy lol) but packed them out with rice crispy treats. That way you can mold the fingers really well. Not sure if that helps you in any way - just my two pennies worth.

Tracy x

Yes, it does helps, ty so so much.  I a, sorry it took me so long to answer.  i really appreciate it.

Hi Ana, +1 to making them out of rice crispy treats!  You can mould them into the shape you would like, then put a thin layer of buttercream frosting over top (or a glaze) and then cover them with fondant.  Good luck! :)

Maybe to way out there but, Buy some gloves and fill with white chocolate and then cut them off. Is that to crazy .

humm. it would have to be latex gloves so it wont sip out, but it is an idea.

 I think what I would do first Ana, is trace my own hands on a piece of cardboard, and then cut that out as a template. Helps that I happen to have very small hands!  Then I would use this template as a guide to make the gloves from RCT.  You can then cover the rct  gloves with icing & then fondant. I have a couple of impression fondant rolling mats.   I would roll the fondant on that to give the gloves texture.  You could use the non slip rubber roll they sell at the dollar store to roll your fondant on. It would give the look of "lace".  I would had a ruffle at the end of the gloves to give them that old fashioned "tea party" gloves look. I made a pair of bunny slippers, and I rolled the fondant on that rubber mat from the dollar store. You can see what it looks like in my photo's.

Hope this helps Ana


My thought would be to get a pair or latex gloves (the cheaper and thinner the better-maybe from your doctors office).  Lay them flat and cut a front and back panel larger than the true glove from gumpaste in any color your desire.  Working quickly, I'd then blow up the latex gloves and heavily dust them with corn starch and then lay the cut panels over the blown-up gloves.  You'd seal the seams with a gum glue of your choice and set them to dry (you can 'stage' them to set up in whatever position you like).  When they have set up really well, carefully use a small pair or scissors and snip the blown up gloves so that they deflate and you can then remove them from the inside of your newly made gumpaste gloves.  Once they are set up, you can add delicate 'lace' of super thin gumpaste to trim your cuffs.   I would loosely blow up those gloves with air, so they don't look like gloves for a big swollen hand though! I'd love to see the final pair you make!  If you think about it- could you email me a picture?  I love things like this...

Ana I don't know whether this would work or not but you can take latex gloves and blow them up and tie them off then cover them with gelatin and let them set then pop the glove and cut it out and you are left with the hand part and maybe you could take some fondant and place over it or put icing over it to make it frilly i hope maybe this will help you I made some bubbles this way this past summer.  You might could also use some latex gloves and some tulle take the tulle and cut out a pair of gloves out of the tulle place the tulle on wax paper  then use royal icing to go over the tulle and when it dries out it stands up like its been starched let me know if you are interested and I will get the receipes for both of these things for you  or you can email me personally


June, what is RCT?

Sorry Ana

RCT, short form for R ice  C rispie  T reats.

Oh ok, lol. I believe I will do that, make template, and use rice crispies. Thank you so much for all of your help.

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