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I will be doing a live demo for cakeswebake on October 10th. I will be showing several techniques using the Silhouette electronic cutter. I will shown how to work with gum paste and icing sheets from Icing Images. During the demo I will be answering your questions, so be sure to send them into cakeswebake or to me at. if you send me a question, your name will be put in a container. during the demo I will draw out names for prizes.
I will be giving away some of the greet Icing sheets from Icing Images, I have great cake leveler from Agbay that will be given away. I am also giving away the equipment I used in the classes I taught. This will include a cricut create electronic cutting machine, small computer with the Make the Cut program installed, and the class on DVD. this package is worth over $600.00!
I have several other items for the give away, but you need to send in your questions, be sure to include your contact information.

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So glad you are doing this.  I've been reading about your technique but I'm itimidated by it. 

Hi Linda,

I didn't know you were going to post this. I put this link up for people to post their questions:

Hi i think doing this techniqe is a wonderful idea,ill defnitally will enjoy it
Hi i think doing this techniqe is a wonderful idea,ill defnitally will enjoy it
This is so generous of you to have a giveaway along with your live demo.  I already have the date saved on my calendar.  Thanks!  I look forward to a fun night of learning and excitement.

Hi Linda,

I think I've watched all your youtube videos, and am looking forward to this - but it will have to be a replay I'm afraid as it will be in the middle of the night over here in Tasmania! 

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