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Does any one have a step by step guide to putting lead lighting into cakes. It looks fantastic and I'd love to try it but have no idea where to start.

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Do you have a picture of what this is?  I don't know what Lead Lighting is.

I have never used it but would like to see the responses here.  Love the looks when it is done right!


Here is a simple example:

Ah! "LED" Lighting.I did a cake with a motorized flashing light--I put the wire down through the cake through a plastic straw, leading it out to the battery hidden at the back of the cake.  The LEDs are "Light-Emitting Diodes" and you can find them at Michaels, etc. They come in bundles of strands attached to a battery box, in assorted sizes.

Ooops, my bad spelling - gets you into no end of trouble!!!

You don't have to use LED lights that plug in. In the bridal section of Michaels they sell little LED lights that are battery powered - they run on those little watch type batteries. Just twist them on and they're ready to go.

Anyway - how I do mine is I take those Wilton plastic dowels (they are hollow tubes you cut to size for dowel stacking) and I cut them into sections a little less than the height of the cake - one for each light. 

Then I push them into the cake, then push a piece of gumpaste down in each one (this helps protect the cake from touching the light and helps give you a surface to push your light into to keep it steady).

Then twist on your lights and insert them - light bulb pointing up. Then put your sugar work over the top. The lights last about 8-12 hours so I put mine in right before delivery.

Here's an example of mine...

Fantastic.  Thanks so much for this post.  The effect in your iron man cake is startling.  Beautiful work.  I am in Australia and I don't think we have Michaels here.  I will have to do some investigating to source source some appropriate lights.

Any craft store where they sell Bridal "Do It Yourself" type stuff (in the aisle that has things to make your own veil, aisle runner, center pieces etc). In that area you usually can find a battery powered LED lights.

 I have also bought them on the internet before but I imagine even just a party supply store might carry them.

 Otherwise try the internet. I don't know what venders you use online there, but I did buy some of these lights from one time (I think it was them...?) might even carry them too. Just shop around.  Good luck! Let us know if you have any other questions. 

Carla, your Iron Man is great!  I had forgotten about those little twist-on lights.  I've also used the little flame-less tea lights.  They are all plastic and might be useful, too.

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