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what state are you from , Im from Montana

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I live in PA right now. About 30 minutes from Philadelphia but I will always be Jersey girl at heart.
LOUISIANA (deep in Cajun country)
Well its very nice to meet you all , we are actually in south west montana , a small tiny place called darby , well were actually just out side of darby , there is a wiiltons course that goes on every month i beleive but its in missoula , thats about an 1 1/2 drive for 2 days a week there and back that sucks up alot of gas , I may be a beginner , at cake decor, but i thinki am catching on very fast LOL, I love cake decor so much i can go through withdrawls , sincei ts been well fathers day was my last cake , and i really want to make another one LOL,Would love to take a course, on cake decor but i cant or rather i wont pay the gas to farr, so i have tendancy of learning cake decor from you all and videos , Thanks for being so welcoming and friendly ,
Sarnia,southern ontario,Canada:)
Moreno Valley, Ca. We're between San Diego and Los Angeles.
Central Oregon
New Orleans, LA
Im in the Columbia River Gorge area of Oregon
I am in Southern New Hampshire
Central Ohio

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