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Enter your best wedding cake for a chance to win a complete set of JEM Easy Rose Cutter (6 pc. set) from A & H Cake
Design offers the some of the lowest prices on cake decorating supplies. They also have quick &
reasonable shipping rates.

To enter the contest, upload your cake into your profile and label it
June Bride Contest. All entries will be featured at the top of the
photos section. Contest runs through Monday, May 24th. Winner will be
selected by votes. To vote for your favorite cake, simply click on the
photo and add it to your favorites. This link is located at the bottom
of the picture. Winner will be announced on Monday, May 30th.

When viewing the contest entries, be sure to click "view all" on the lower right side of the featured pictures so you can see all of the entries.

Congratulations, Jeri C!

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There are way to many cakes... I don't know which ones I like the best... The simple and elegant ones, the bright fresh ones, or the black and white ones... Man everyone is very talented. I want to vote for about 20 of them.
I think you can vote for more than one. I know I have. There are just some beatiful cakes on there.
is there any way to see whos cakes are getting the most votes or in the lead??
This is definitely one of the reasons we have to change the way contests are done. I looked through the photos and right now, it looks like this cake is winning
Good!! This is a beautiful cake by a very talented decorator, and certainly one that deserves acclaim. This was not the cake that was ahead in the votes earlier today....
all of these cakes are amazing...whos winning?
Jennifer - there isn't an easy way to tell. You have to look at each picture and see how many "favorite" votes they have.
June Bride Contest

June Bride Contest

June Bride Contest

June Bride Contest

Congratulations Jeri C! This is a beautiful cake. My family in Texas would absolutely go crazy for this cake!!


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