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Enter your best wedding cake for a chance to win a complete set of JEM Easy Rose Cutter (6 pc. set) from A & H Cake
Design offers the some of the lowest prices on cake decorating supplies. They also have quick &
reasonable shipping rates.

To enter the contest, upload your cake into your profile and label it
June Bride Contest. All entries will be featured at the top of the
photos section. Contest runs through Monday, May 24th. Winner will be
selected by votes. To vote for your favorite cake, simply click on the
photo and add it to your favorites. This link is located at the bottom
of the picture. Winner will be announced on Monday, May 30th.

When viewing the contest entries, be sure to click "view all" on the lower right side of the featured pictures so you can see all of the entries.

Congratulations, Jeri C!

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Hmmmm I am confused. When I saw June Bride Contest I was thinking it was to be a cake we made in June... but can it be any wedding cake we have done in the past? Fun... I love contests!
can we use one that we already made or we have to make a new one? thank you
Is the limit 1 cake or can we enter more than 1 cake?
Any number of cakes, but one photo of each, please. I don't expect anyone to make a cake specifically for the contest. You may enter any photo of a cake you have made in the past.
Where are the pictures posted?
All photos have been featured at the top of the photos page. I may have missed some so if yours isn't featured please send me a message.
where can we all find past contest pics?
If you click on the contest name under "cake contests" the picture is posted in that thread. Right now, there's only an Easter cake to see. The site is only 4 months old.
Theresa sorry for the questions, but I have never enter a contest it will be my first one. Once you know who got the most votes you will post the winner?
Hi Jackie,Everyone on the site has the chance to vote for his/her favorite cake. Voting will go on for a week and then I will post the winner on May 30th.
Here is a black and white cake the bride asked for specifically.
Hi Retta, could you please upload this picture to your profile and label it "June Bride Contest" so I can post it with the other entries. Thanks!
Retta HalesPryor said:
Here is a black and white cake the bride asked for specifically.

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