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This contest is for amateur cake decorators only. 

Submissions must meet the following criteria:

  • 8" round 2 layer cake.
  • Fully coated and decorated in spreadable or pipable icings such as Butter Cream, Fudge, or Whip (no rolled fondant, gum paste, molding chocolate, etc)
  • Smooth flat top with inscription
  • Smooth or combed sides 
  • Piped border around top and bottom
  • Additional decoration such as flowers, streamers and confetti, balloons, vines- be creative!

I will score the entries based on:

  • Overall apperance of the cake (5 points)
  • Level of technical difficulty (5 points)
  • Level of creativity (5 points)
  • Level of skill in execution (5 points)

First Place Winner will recieve:

  • One- Ateco 672 professional revolving cake stand with non-slip pad, 12" diameter aluminum turnnable, cast iron base, and precision rotation.  New in box.
  • One- Bragging rights.  Slightly used.


Second Place Winner will recieve:

  • One-"JJ's Butter Cream Smoothing Kit", containing all the tools I use to get the tops and sides of my cakes smooth.  (1 comb, one plastic scraper, one Ateco 1447, one Ateco ultra 1310)

To enter this contest post a response to this discussion-  Introduce yourself, describe the cake, and post a link to the pictures of your cake on   POST TWO PICTURES, one top view tagged "JJ's Amateur Contest Top", and one side view tagged "JJ's Amateur Contest Side".  See the attached photos for an example. Please limit your entries to one per person!


All entries must be posted between Thursday, 9/8/11 and Friday, 9/23/11.Winners will be announced Friday, 9/30/11

PLEASE NOTE-  Just tagging your photos will not enter you into this contest!  You must enter  by posting a reply to this discussion! 

Your entry should look something like this like this:


My name is JJ, and here is my entry for "JJ's Amateur All Occasion Cake Contest!"  


The cake is vanilla pound cake filled with chocolate fudge, and iced with pink American style butter cream.



The Following Entries Have Been Accepted!

Gloria Castano

Debbie Boswell


Jennifer Hanus



Tammy Whitaker

Evelyn Vega

Joann Smith

candy densmore

Rebecca Towle

Pam McGraw

Sandra Griffin

Catrina Bonomolo

Tracy Lynn Buttermore

naheed ullah

mariza guerero

Paula Collins


michelle johnson

Jenn Merrifield

Rhonda Goodwin

Regina Santangelo

natasa kukic

candy densmore

Erica Thompson

Eva Buchholz

Carol Vokes

Dina Hany

Eillim Cintron

Adelle Crotteau



Natasha Soto

Adelaida Diaz


Adrian Sims

Perfection By Paula


Lisa Duff

kathy tolbert

Lynda P Gunn

candy densmore

zeeniya zulfikar

Madhulika Dev



Jessica Fink

Ashleigh Clayton

Anji Fisher

Julie S


Stacy Strate

Olivia Elias

Eunice Lee

Christina Strellec-Simpson


Janice Groves

Suzanne Baker-Shultz

Poonam Jadhav

Erica Booker

Vanessa H.

Jaime Lavallee



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My name is Christina Strellec-Simpson, and here is my entry for JJ's Amateur All Occasion Cake Contest!

This cake is a yellow batter. It's the first time I used the Cake Boss's cake recipe. It's filled with my mother-in-laws homemade berry preserves (it was for her birthday). The icing is vanilla American style buttercream.

Hi JJ,

i didn't see my name in the list, is it mean my entry disqualify or the step i upload my photos is wrong ?

thank you.

Best Regards,


My name is Goreti Pavao and this is my entry for the JJ's Amateur All Occasion Cake.


The cake is red velvet (from scratch), raspberry filling and frosted with crusting cream cheese frosting.  The flowers were from my first attempt at making gum paste flowers.


My name is Jan, and here is my entry for "JJ's Amateur All Occasion Cake Contest!"  

My name is Suzanne Shultz and here is my entry to "JJ's amateur all occassion cake contest".  the cake is white with chocolate ganache filling with dark chocolate buttercream frosting.  The flowers are also buttercream. Just hoping I have done this correctly! 

My name is Poonam Jadhav and here is my entry to "JJ's Amateur all occasion cake contest".  The cake is french vanilla  filled & frosted with buttercream.  flowers & other decorations are also of buttercream. This is the first time i've tried multicolor frosing on side of cake. Hope it meets all criteria of this contest. 

Thank You!

Hi JJ my name is Erica Booker, and here is my entry for "JJ's Amateur All Occasion Cake Contest!"


The cake is white butter filled with fresh strawberries and strawberry filling and iced with white butter cream icing and blue buttercream roses on top.


hi jj, can I please know whether my cake entry for this contest is valid?


I would like to know  why my name does not appear on the contest list of contestants.  I thought I followed all the rules?  Would really like to know what I did wrong for future reference.

  It seems anyone after Lynda Gunn hasn't been added,  I bet he's just been busy. I haven't looked at your cake but I know there are many that don't meet the criteria and they have still been accepted. Hopefully he will respond to everyone today since it's the last day of the contest! Best of luck to you!

I just looked at your cake, I'm SURE it will be accepted, you have everything the rules say to do!!! It's beautiful by the way!

Suzanne Baker-Shultz said:

I would like to know  why my name does not appear on the contest list of contestants.  I thought I followed all the rules?  Would really like to know what I did wrong for future reference.

My name is Vanessa, and here is my entry for the "JJ's Amateur All Occasion Cake Contest!" It is an 8" 2 layer chocolate cake filled, iced and decorated with vanilla buttercream.

My family only appreciates cakes of the mildly sweet and non-iced variety (which poses some difficulty for an aspiring cake decorator!) so, thanks to JJ, I've been given an excuse to break out the colours and creativity for my first ever cake decorating contest! I've only taken to decorating in the last few months - this is only my 3rd attempt at piping - so I jumped at the chance to practice and faced my first real cake decorating nightmare in a buttercream icing that simply wouldn't crust enough to be smoothed with a paper towel and, oh, the unspeakable horrors of a brown crumb-speckled white buttercream! I'm sure you all can relate. Regardless, I'm hoping for more excuses to work with my piping bags...



Hi! My name is Vanessa and here is my entry for JJ's Amateur Cake Contest.  This is both sides of the cake but my picture of the top of the cake did not come out.  It is a carrot cake with cream cheese buttercream for a Boston REd Sox and New York Giants fan. 

Thanks for looking!

Vanessa Fisher



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