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Hello every one.. I am making a wedding cake for my friend. Her wedding date is oct 17th. so I bake the bottom tier of cake yesterday(oct.11) and top tier today(oct. 12). I just like to know if I am too early for baking those cake..!!! since I already bake it how I can save them? I wrap the cake with thin plastic and keep it out side, should I put the cake in side the refrigerator ? or what else i can do?  please help me out on this...

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Thank you so much for the advice ... beside the freezing is there any other way I can save the cake...?? just curious .. :)
Yea, I would advise to freeze it too. The refrigerator will delay the onset of staleness but the freezer is your best bet, in my opinion. Wrap the cakes really tight in plastic wrap so they don't dry out in the freezer. And when you pull them out of the freezer, let them sit on the counter top and come to room temperature while still in the plastic wrap. Don't unwrap them until they're warmed to room temp. That should keep the cakes nice and moist. :)
Thank you Melanie...u advise gonna help me a lot... :)
You dont have to thaw your cakes completely before you ice is easier to do that when they are cold....the cakes wont rip or break as easily. And the buttercream will set up faster too. By the time you get the cake to where it is going it will be thawed out. Also dont put the cakes in the refrigerator...they dry out in there. Freezing is best to preserve freshness....
Personally, I don't freeze cakes...(IMHO) there is a taste difference between frozen and fresh cake, but I do understand why it is done. I have great success with refrigerating my cakes (as opposed to freezing). But I am a doctored mix person. Scratch cake making is an art...most of American when thinking of cake only know the moistness of box mixes and don't understand that a truly baked scratch cake is drier than a box mix to begin with so refrigerating them would most definitely dry them out and freezing is probably preferable when baking in advance. But for my doctored mixes, I just let the baked cake cool in the pan on the rack for 10 minutes, turn out onto plastic wrap and cover. Don't pull the plastic wrap too tight, then I cover the plastic wrapped cake with foil and place in the fridge. I would only do this a few days in advance is not going to last like it would in a freezer...but the cake is going to be fresh....I just think that when someone is paying you a whole lot of money for a cake, they deserve to have fresh cake....they can get frozen/thawed cake at Walmart.
Thank you so much every one for your wonderful advices, ideas and opinion .... I really appreciate it... I did freeze my cake just for 2 days and I wrap it very well ..when I take the cake out from the freeze it wasn't rock hard ...cake was soft to touch and I taste dome of the cake ...the cake taste same as it came after oven..... Thanks once again .. :)

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