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My heart goes out to everyone who has suffered some type of loss from this storm. I consider myself very fortunate that we only had to deal with being inconvenienced. I'm very thankful the power company showed up in time for the freezing cold night we had last night and that I live at a high enough elevation that the beach nearby posed no threat. Our neighbor was kind enough to let us plug into their generator, so we didn't lose much food. I have only just been watching the images on television this morning. It was difficult even to get a newspaper around here. And, boy am I glad I got gas in my car before the hurricane.  I'm praying for those who are still without power, have lost their homes and worse.

We here in NY don't tend to take it very seriously when a hurricane if forecasted. Usually, they blow off to sea before they reach us or end up just being tropical storms. The nor'easters are much bigger deals in this area weather-wise, so we'll be crossing our fingers that the one coming Wednesday doesn't make things worse for people who are already out there suffering.

This is a Thanksgiving to say thanks for small things - things I usually take for granted. I'm praying for everyone who is still going through hardship.

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Terri - welcome back, so glad to hear from you.  Here in the UK we have been watching the terrible scenes both on the TV and online and really feel for those so badly affected.  We still have no news of Iris Rezoagli, so are hoping that she is OK and that it is also a matter of power outage for her.  She lives in a bad location I gather.  Katy.

Well, thank God, Terri you made it through okay. We moderators have been keeping a close eye on those who we believe may have gotten caught, and checking in on them. Not everyone has been accounted for yet. Being from Iowa, our biggest concern is just tornadoes and we have been fortunate enough to have never actually been caught in one, but neighbors around us have. They are fickle little things...hitting one house but leaving one next to it intact. Our hearts go out to you all, and we too have been praying for everyone. Good to have you back!

So glad you and your family are safe & sound Teri. I am sure this whole storm through so many on the east coast for a loop. Never has there ever been that kind of damage in your area.  I see that parts of Queens still resembles a war zone. Still praying for so many that still don't have power... so no heat.

Many people still don't have power yet and may not for a few days to a week, so we still may hear from them yet. The only way to find out what was going on was to sit in the car and listen to the radio. Even when you can charge your cell, you don't want to use it on long calls because you don't know when you'll get a chance to charge it again. So, hoping everyone else is okay and just waiting for LIPA to show up and fix the power. The power company actually sent babysitters to watch the darn transformer in the middle of the street for days. It's no wonder it's taking so long to restore. Thanks, guys, for thinking of me. I'm sure a lot of you go through far worse with weather than we do here. We're just not used to it. You can bet we're going to get a generator now when they become available again.

Glad you are okay. Praying for so many people that lost loved ones.

Your back!  I am so happy for you!

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