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Hi all,

I have a customer that is requesting certain type of cake flavour and filling which I do not currently offer.  I gave this customer a listing of all the flavours and fillings I currently provide.

The customer replied back to me saying that they can provide the cake and the filling for the cupcakes and I would only be required to decorate them.  I do not feel comfortable in using someone elses baking product as I do not know what ingredients are used and if someone was to get sick or ill I do not want to be liable.

What is the best way to respond to the customer professionally to say no?

Any help and advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

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Well Mizztry

I wouldn't feel comfortable with this arrangement either. I have 2 suggestions. 1. You can send the customer else where   or

2. You have the customer provide you with the flavoring and the ingredients to make the filling..... or charge them extra to buy the flavoring and specific ingredients to make the filling.

These are the only options I can think of. Maybe someone else might have a better answer????

By the way, where in Ont are you??  I'm in Burlington, On.      :o) 

I would state just what you said.

You don't do that particular flavour or filling.  And Professionaly it is not appropriate to decorate someone else's baked goods because of Food, Health and Safety reasons.

Make a suggestion of suppliers who could provide her with the frosting and decorations.

Dear So and So Customer,

I'm so sincerely flattered that you value my decorating to such a level that you would want to supply me with the cake and fillings, however - I've made it a policy that along with my name, the entire confectionary be custom made by myself.  I wish you the absolute best of luck, and if there's any way I can possibly convince you to choose any of my offered flavor combinations, it would be an honor to make this beautiful cake for your (wedding, birthday, anniversary...ect).


Yada Yada my name

Hi everyone.

Thank you so much for your feedback.  I was exactly in the same train of thought but did not know how to write it out!

Thanks so much Holly for the wording.

@June - i'm in Mississauga!!

Happy baking!! :)

Well Holly had the best & most professional answer. Her wording is perfect. If the customer wants you, she will choose the flavors & fillings you offer. :0)

Ha!  I win! (Thanks June!)  I can be professional and politically correct on paper, it's when I'm in person my foot lives in my mouth!  That's why I like to get it all out in the open over emails with my customers and in a cake contract before the event.  Failsafe for my big mouth.  ;o)

Boy do I know what you mean Holly. My daughter just called last night to see if I was available to make a christening cake for a former bridesmaid of hers. I suggested emailing as this way I can get a few details straightened out before I accept.  I have had a few of my daughters friends "assume"....Hmmm, she knows me, it's just cake...gonna get a deal.

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