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How far in advance can gum paste pieces be made and how to keep them...

Good Morning cakers!

It has been sometime since I have looked around the site!  Everyone does such incredible work!  Thank you all for sharing your talents here!

i am just beginning to think about a a big wedding I have coming.

I have been asked to creats 10  8"rounds for individual tables, this is for a dinner following the wedding.  THe kicker is that each cake / table is going to represent a place this couple has traveled to.  They have been all over the world!!

THEN....the following day they will have a I am doing a stacked wedding cake for 150 for the next days reception!!!

All this in my tiny kitchen!  And working full time!  Am I crazy?  Doon't answer this question:)

I am looking for any information on how early I can create my little gumpaste pieces to put onto the cakes.

Do I bake and freeze??  How early?

Here is the big much do you charge for all of the above?  All fondant covered cakes, but this is a long time family friend!


So there you go :)  Thanks for any advice anyone may have!

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I forgot to say that the wedding is set for Memorial Day weekend.  May 28th

I have some gumpaste flowers I made in class 1-1/2 yrs ago that still look great.  Sometimes fading is an issue so you might want to wait to dust them a week or so before you need them.


You can bake and freeze your cakes a couple of weeks to a month in advance.  Just be sure to triple wrap in plastic wrap and then triple wrap in aluminum foil.  Be sure to place them in the freezer so they don't get dented by other items.  Also, make sure no stronge smelling items are in the freezer - onion, peppers, etc.


As far as the pricing goes, be sure to calculate all of your costs including your time.  This is a major project so I'm sure she's not expecting Wal-Mart prices. 

Thanks, all great advice! 

My concern regarding freezing is that some of the cakes will have mousse filling and some will have whipped cream in the filling, is it still okay to freeze?  All will be buttercream iced before freezing.  I will cover with fondant a day or two prior to wedding.

Oh, well that's different.  I was referring to freezing the layers undecorated, not a fully decorated cake.  I wouldn't do that. 

A friend of mine had to do individual cakes for each table  at  a wedding plus a sm tiered cake. You can freeze the cakes prior to filling.

With that said  you could make and freeze the cakes a couple of weeks in advanced as stated above.  Make sure the cakes are completly thawed prior to decorating  otherwise you could have droopy  borders. LOL this happened to me many years ago.


Sounds like it will be fun!  I never freeze cakes so can't help you there but I know a lot of people do.  As for the gumpaste stuff... make away!  Our grandson's first birthday cake a year ago I made the Sesame Street Characters and he still has them on his dresser and gives Elmo kisses every morning a year later!  The Characters have not faded at all and I used the premade Satin Ice fondant and added gumpaste and tylose to the fondant to get them to harden up.    I also made an elephant and a baseball glove with a baby in it for the 2 baby showers they had for him before he was born 2 years ago and our daughter has saved all of that too.  It's all on a shelf in his room!  And all looks as good today as it did when I made it ...other than Elmo has a few slobber stains on him!!! Just make sure you allow everything to air dry.  And do not store it in a humid area.  The humidity will zap it and make it limp.  I have flowers that I made a year ago that look fine today and I have just stored them in a plastic container lined with paper towels.  Good Luck sounds like fun!

I did 15 individual cakes for a client about 4 yrs. ago.  Boy, I didn't charge enough that was for sure.  Don't do the same thing!!    Remember this, no one else would do that type of work (especially Wally World).  Have fun!!

Thanks all for so much great insight!!

I love to see how everyone says "GOOD LUCK AND HAVE FUN"  or "SOUNDS LIKE FUN"  or "HAVE FUN!"

When I discuss with non cakers they say "What how will you ever do that?"

Thanks for just being Cakers!

I too, never freeze cakes but I don't think I have any choice this time I mean I AM ONLY ONE PERSON! :)



There isn't anything wrong with freezing the cakes and bring them out a few days before you are ready to decorate them.  The cake will still be very moist.  Just make sure you wrapy it well before freezing. I wrap it in foil wrap first then in cling flim.  As for the gum paste figures they will keep indefinately as long as they are kept in a dry place, definately don't freeze or put them in the fridge.


It does sound like fun, especially the cakes involving the travel destinations.


Can't wait to see your photos posted.


Good Luck



Your GUMPASTE question.......... Do not freeze or bake,........gumpaste can be stored in refrig before rolling or pressing, if using a homemade receipe.  After cutting/pressing/molding let dry over night, or a few days and store in to plastic or cardboard shoe boxes.  Keep away from moisture and heat. Should last for months. Check out, there is a receipe for gumpaste and more information on the 'tutorials'link.  Great website to keep handy.  The gal is very talented.  
With the gumpaste things the main thing to remember is to let them dry completely before you store them.   If I were you I'd get them all done now and it will give you more time the week before. 

Hi everyone,


This is a different but related question.  If i want to make fondant pieces in advance for a cake, but i dont want them to harden (b/c i dont want them cracking when i put them on the cake), how should i go about doing this?

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